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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

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A 3 year milestone, updates and our thanks

Today we're happy to celebrate Cosplay Island's 3rd birthday! After every con we still see a surge in new members and we're really happy to still see a lot of regulars on the site. Many thanks to everyone who helps out with the site (no matter how little or much) and above all thanks to you, our community, for making this place what it is. Lastly a personal thanks to the one who keeps this site running smoothly, constantly full of ideas and without whom we'd definitely have problems. Three cheers for Amy-Lou!

As a mark of 3 years, we've also got some updates for you all (as proof that we haven't forgotten!) including some new cool features such as a watch list, embedded youtube videos, a shopping list tool and searchable photos. Read on for more information, and let us know any feedback in the forum or by contacting me.

Here's to the next 3 years!

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Amecon cosplay events - registration open!

With less than four weeks to wait, Amecon has opened registration for it’s cosplay and performance events! The traditional cosplay events have returned - the catwalk-style Masquerade on the Saturday evening, the Omake on the Sunday and the Competition. These are your chances to show off your best costumes, indulge in your competitive nature or use your talents to entertain an audience.

This year Amecon also plays hosts to the Eurocosplay 2nd qualifier. The first qualifier was held at May Expo with SephNoir going through as the UK’s first representative - we can’t wait to see who will be the second! (For those entering Eurocosplay, you need to enter the same costume in the Competition and the Masquerade.) Full info for all the events can be found on the links below, as well as extra cosplay events such as the Cosplay Ball.

If you want to take part in any of the events, make sure to sign up as soon as possible to have your places confirmed! So, who has finished their costumes yet..?

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Anime events this July

Welcome to another monthly event update on Cosplay Island. Many of you will no doubt be attending Amecon on 13th-15th August for a weekend of solid anime fun. If you can't wait until then to get your event fix though, then there is plenty happening this month to keep you occupied. So read on for a full round up of what's to come.

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New content, and don't miss the boat for the Cosplay Cruise!

A few content updates for today! Courtesy of Ranma1-2 we have two new tutorials on the site - very useful step-by-step guides on how to make thigh-high boot covers and a ballet tutu. We love receiving articles like these and hope you find them as handy as us.
To add to this, we also have a couple of reports covering the October London Expo and the Grand Cosplay Ball from our man on the scene - Nert (Okay, we're long overdue but they're up - that's what counts, right?)

Also, in London this weekend the Cosplay Cruise is setting off! A first of it's kind, this event promises a five hour long party down the Thames with entertainment all night. They've extended the ticket deadline until Friday 9th July, so make sure you get yours before then else you won't be able to join in. Full details on the cruise can be found at their website:

We know cosplayers can take hours to get ready and love to be fashionably late, but please remember to get there early and make sure you are on board before 7pm otherwise they'll leave without you!

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Cosplayers needed for documentary in San Diego

News has reached us that Morgan Spurlock, director of Super-Size Me, will be filming at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con for his new documentary. The aim of the documentary is to look at the appeal of cosplay and Spurlock is keen to interview cosplayers the world over whom are attending the event. Interestingly Spurlock has stated that he is making the film as a fan and wishes it to be a 'celebration of fandom and creativity'.

The San Diego Comic-Con will be held from July 22nd - July 25th 2010 and is one of the biggest comic-cons in the world, with special guests such as Stan Lee and at which big film announcements are often made. Although the event is sold out and not UK-based, it is worth mentioning in case anyone reading this is planning to attend but is not aware of the documentary. Given the growth of UK cosplay over recent years, it would be great to see a UK cosplayer in this documentary.

For further information, please click the below links:

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MCM Expo coverage on the BBC

Those of you attended the MCM London Expo last weekend may have noticed that the BBC were filming footage of cosplayers there. Well they weren't filming for nothing, as a segment on cosplay appeared on the recent episode of weekly BBC entertainment show E24.

To view the coverage, click the link and watch from 8:20 onwards.

It is encouraging to see that BBC approached this without pre-conception, as opposed to the recent Sunday Telegraph article on AyaCon which had a cynical undertone. Hopefully the BBC will return to the MCM Expo in October and give the world of cosplay more exposure.

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Expo aftermath and anime events this June

Well one of the biggest event of the anime calendar - MCM London Expo - has been and gone and will be back in October. Many of you reading this were no doubt there and may agree with me in saying it was one of the best Expos yet. Bigger and more spacious then previous Expos, it also showcased a dazzling array of cosplay talent largely thanks to the Euro Cosplay qualifiers. Many congratulations to SephNoir for winning the qualifier in her Ectvarr cosplay, she will be representing the UK in the Euro Cosplay championships at October MCM London Expo. Well done to all the other cosplayers also, seeing your creations made for one great weekend!

If you did attend Expo and are craving more anime events, then read on for some great stuff coming up this June.

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Anime events this upcoming Bank Holiday weekend

Planning a getaway this for the upcoming May Day Bank Holiday weekend? Well if fancy something to suit your hobby then you've got a choice of the Asahi Anime Festival in Brighton or Sci-Fi London's Manga All-Nighter.

Read below for full details of these two great events for anime and cosplay fans.

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Tokonatsu 2010 cancelled

Bad news for anyone planning to attend Tokonatsu this year. Due to a structural issue and health & safety concerns, the wardens and chairman of the venue have decided to close it down until these issues have been addressed. As it is unclear how long this will take, coupled with the difficulties of finding a new venue at this short notice, the committee has decided not to run this year and are looking to return in 2011.

This is a real shame as Tokonatsu was a truly unique anime convention, being held outside in a field with attendees camping for it. The event is known for a community spirit and a similar atmosphere to that of a music festival. Kudos to the committee for making the above decision though, as it will no doubt mean a triumphant return in 2011.

For further information, view the announcement on the Tokonatsu forums:

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Kitacon and Minami updates

Spring is here and the con season is starting to get into full swing. As such we have a few updates from the early conventions of the year - Kitacon and Minamicon.

With Kitacon just around the corner a lot of you will no doubt be frantically sewing. In your panic though, don't forget to register for their events - the masquerade, the cosplay competition and Kita's Got Talent. The deadline for Kita's got talent is Wednesday 24th March, whilst the masquerade submission deadline is 11am on Saturday 27th. Register now and don't miss out! All the information and the registration forms for the events can be found on the cosplay section of their website.

For those of you heading to Minamicon in April, the masquerade registrations have now opened! If you want to pre-register before the event, online registration will be open until midday Saturday 17th April. For any questions or queries, drop an email through to the team at

Due to popular demand both of these events are sold out so if you haven't got a ticket I'm afraid you'll need to wait for the next one. Don't worry about being left without an event to plan for though, May Expo is just around the corner...

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