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We try to keep our members up to date with the latest cosplay news, event updates and competition announcements, as well as anything of general interest to cosplayers! We also occasionally use this to inform everyone of any major site changes. If you know anything interesting that we haven't mentioned, or are an event or competition organiser with any press releases, please drop an email through to and we'll spread the word.

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Autumn Updates

We've got a small batch of site changes for you this week!

You may have already noticed the new site banners at the top of the page, each month we'll swap a few new ones in too. Read on for the full list of updates.

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Lantern Parade & Theatrical Costume Sale

There's some unique things going on down South this September that might interest you.

The Akari Lantern Project are looking for a small number of Cosplayers with traditional Japanese costumes to take part in the Thames Festival Night Carnival on 11th September. This is to raise funds for the Japan Society Tohoku Relief Fund which supports people affected by the earthquake. If you are interested in taking part, please send a photo (or a link) of your cosplay to Mark McEvoy. For more information on the Akari Lantern Project, visit their site.

At the end of the month grab a fantastic bargain at the Royal Opera House costume sale! With prices from £20 upwards there should be some exciting things to pick up! Head over to their workshop in Purfleet, Essex on 24th/25th September. Let us know if you find anything special!

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Next Stop EuroCosplay

Ayacon is now behind us and congratulations to theKillingDoll for winning the second EuroCosplay qualifier. He'll be joining xaerael as our UK representatives at MCM Expo in October, we can't wait to see all the entries they'll be up against!

Speaking of Expo, Ilpala & Granny Gertrude of the MCM Cosplay Team would like your help to push cosplaying at Expo even further. Please take some time to give them suggestions and feedback at the MCM Expo Forum here. This is your chance to shape Expo cosplay!

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Ayacon this weekend

Ayacon kicks off tomorrow in Warwick, with a ton of cosplay events happening over the weekend. The staple events are there such as the masquerade, panels and performance show, but there's lots of things to keep an eye out for such as charity events, photo shoots and a chance to be in a cosplay music video! Read on to find out more!

Mostly we're looking forward to finding out who's going to take the 2nd UK qualifier spot for Euro Cosplay next to Xaerael who qualified back in May Expo. Good luck to everyone who's taking part!

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Stacking up the competitions!

Even if you didn't manage to attend Hyper Japan in London the other week, I doubt you've missed the exciting announcement that from next year, the UK will be taking part in the World Cosplay Summit! The exact dates are yet to be announced but they are looking at around Spring next year - check the WCS thread in the forums for the discussion and excitement going on.

A bit of info we've just had through - any Uncharted fans in the house? Attending the Eurogamer Expo in September? In addition to the main cosplay competition, they've got a competition to give away a Playstation Vita to the best dressed Nathan Drake or Elena Fisher. Held at the end of September, that's more than enough time to get an outfit together! You can find all the details on the Eurogamer website.

Lastly, the final few places for the AyaCon cosplay competition and the Euro Cosplay 2nd UK Qualifier are available, with submissions closing tomorrow! We're looking forward to seeing who will join Xaereal as the 2nd UK representative to battle (not literally, though that could be fun!) with the rest of Europe at the finals in October! Find more info and grab one of the last slots at AyaCon website.

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New tutorial & last chance to enter our Showcase

Courtesy of Ilpala we've got an awesome new tutorial on the site, breaking down the different glues available and what they are best used for. Check it out!

Also remember this weekend is your last chance to submit your costumes for our Cosplay Showcase being displayed at Ayacon in August. We're closing submissions after Sunday to allow time for sorting & printing, so make sure you get yours in! Read on below for the rules if you missed them the first time :) You don't have to be attending the convention itself to take part, we'd love photos from any of our members!

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Hyper Japan returns this month with discount for CI users!

Last year saw the addition of a new event to the anime calendar - Hyper Japan. The event was a mixture of merchandise, exclusive screenings, stage performances and food & drink not seen at other UK events. Despite its small size it was a promising event and this month it is back in a bigger venue!

The new Hyper Japan will take place at Olympia Two in London on 22nd - 24th July and will feature a host of cuisine, culture and anime goodness. There will also be a cosplay competition in association with Square Enix, with a range of Square Enix merchandise on offer as prizes. Read on for full details

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Cosplay Showcase at Ayacon - we need you!

Last Ayacon, back in 2009, we ran a Cosplay Showcase with fantastic printed photos from many of our members. The gallery went down really well, so we want to run it again and make it even bigger!

We would love for your help in organising this gallery to show off our fantastic members - all you have to do is put forward 3 of your most loved photos of your cosplays, and we'll do the rest.

You don't have to be attending Ayacon to join in and it isn't a competition, this is just a chance for all our members to show off their hard work and the costumes you are most proud of. See below for how to take part!

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Upcoming events this June

So many of you have probably now fully recovered from the recent MCM London Expo and are no doubt putting plans together for the next one in October. That and other big upcoming events such as the MCM Manchester Expo in July and Ayacon in August. If you want to get your cosplay fix before that though, there are some events happening this month.

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The first 2011 UK Euro Cosplay qualifier!

Many congratulations to Xaereal who wowed the Expo judges and crowd alike to take the place of the first 2011 UK qualifier for Euro Cosplay at the end of May. Entering with the SkekSil the Chamberlain from The Dark Crystal, he'll go on to compete in the final against cosplayers from over 20 different European countries. Well done to everyone who took part and put on a brilliant masquerade!

For those of you who are still eager take part in Euro Cosplay 2011, the selections for the second and final UK position will be held at Ayacon, in August. We look forward to seeing who will join Xaereal to represent us at the finals at October London Expo!

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