Welcome to Cosplay Island


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Tuesday 24th July 2007

Hello and thanks for dropping by. Cosplay Island is an all new cosplay community site for people living here in the UK. We've designed the whole site to be as friendly and easy to use as we could make it. So please sign-up and take a look around. With AmeCon less than a month away I'm sure you're all fairly busy at the moment, neck deep in fabric, but everyone deserves a break to look at a cool new website.

We've already put a lot of long hours and hard work into making this site a great place to share you passion for cosplay. We already have:

  • Costume and photo uploads
  • Detailed member profiles
  • Friends lists
  • Shared interests
  • LJ and Twitter integration
  • Searchable directory of members and costumes
  • Events database
  • Latest photos
  • Community forum

However if you check out the Site Progress page you'll see we've got lots more to come.

We're hoping, that with your help, we can make this site the best place for cosplay fans in the UK to come together to share their costumes, swap tips and ideas, and make new friends.