Fistful o' Site Updates


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Wednesday 14th November 2007

The whole Cosplay Island team has been very busy recently. As we've already reported Kelly is running a new look-a-like competition themed around CLAMP. Event editor Nert has written up some great reports on AmeCon 2007, London Expo October 07 and Video Games Live 2007. Nic Walker has provided us with a new tutorial on how to take great looking Cosplay Photography. Kat and I have been working on a bunch of improvements to the general usability of the site.

Full details in a moment, but to get a little techy, if anything looks weird while you're browsing the site you might want to force your browser to refresh (Ctrl + F5 on some browsers) as you might have the old style sheet cached.


The Final Fantasy competition is finished and over the next month the look-a-like theme is CLAMP. So if you've got any photographs of yourself in anything from X to Card Captor then please don't be afraid to enter.

Event Reports

Nert has been hard at work writing up some great reports on recent Cosplay related events. You can view them here, or from the events directory:


Nic Walker is a very talented photographer who is a friend of the site and has contributed a great tutorial to give you tips on how to improve the quality of your cosplay photography.

Site Improvements

  • Forum - The forum now runs the full width of the site, so you can just use the Home button at the top to get back to the rest of the site. We've done a few styling fixes to the forum too, which will hopefully clean things up a bit. Also, the the forum activity box on the front page now shows active threads instead of specific posts.
  • User Bar - When browsing around yours or other people's portfolios you should notice a new bar across the top. This will hopefully make navigation a bit friendlier.
  • Events - The events pages have been overhauled to make them look a bit nicer. They also now include link to Nert's reports.
  • Comments - Comments have been restyled to look a little nicer.

Okay I think that's everything. We're not done, of course, lots more to come but hopeful this should all be more than enough to keep you distracted on this lazy Wednesday evening. ^_^