Tokonatsu 2010 cancelled


Article by drowned_panda posted Thursday 25th March 2010

Bad news for anyone planning to attend Tokonatsu this year. Due to a structural issue and health & safety concerns, the wardens and chairman of the venue have decided to close it down until these issues have been addressed. As it is unclear how long this will take, coupled with the difficulties of finding a new venue at this short notice, the committee has decided not to run this year and are looking to return in 2011.

This is a real shame as Tokonatsu was a truly unique anime convention, being held outside in a field with attendees camping for it. The event is known for a community spirit and a similar atmosphere to that of a music festival. Kudos to the committee for making the above decision though, as it will no doubt mean a triumphant return in 2011.

For further information, view the announcement on the Tokonatsu forums:

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Oh how terrible :( Tokonatsu

Oh how terrible :( Tokonatsu is the only fun convention during the year!
Gonna have to do some otaku royale in honor in my garden this summer!

by Mio-Chan on Wednesday, 2 June, 2010 - 13:27