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Article by Delusional posted Tuesday 14th November 2017

As part of our ongoing site refresh, we've made the decision to stop allowing reference images. In a month's time we'll be deleting all historic reference images, so please take this opportunity save any if you don't have them backed up. We're aware not everyone will support this decision so please read on for our reasoning.

Cosplay Island has, and always will be a site run by cosplayers for cosplayers. We're not a company or an organisation that gets funding, so we have to rely on ad revenue for keeping the site online. Over the years CI has grown to be a massive collection of images of our cosplayers, and in order to support further growth we have to prioritise resources where they are better spent - on photos of beautiful costumes, rather than duplicating references that are all over google. As cosplayers ourselves we appreciate that sometimes there are rare costumes that are hard to describe which variant you're doing, so for those we suggest using one of the many free image hosting services on the web and linking to it from your costume description.

Thanks for your understanding!

(On the ad revenue front, we really appreciate if you can disable any ad blockers while you're on the site! Our ads are very non-intrusive, and we'll never use pop ups or block content because of it <3)

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