Pre-AmeCon Update


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Tuesday 7th August 2007

AmeCon is now less than a week away and so we imagine most of you are buried deep in half finished costumes in a mad last minute panic. However while you're taking a break from your hard work why not look at the new features we've rolled out today.

  • Overview Page - As well as a personal profile and a costume list all users now have an overview page. We think this makes navigating around the site easier and gives you a simple link to pass out to your friends if you want them to see your cosplay portfolio.
  • Membership Card - When you're logged in you'll also see a new 'Gifts' page which contains your exclusive membership card. A cool little image you can put in signatures to show the world you're a proud member of Cosplay Island.
  • Statistics Page - Love numbers? Well we've added a statistics page so you can watch the numbers grow as the community expands.
  • Reverse Friends List - As well as adding friends, you can now see who's added you.
  • Plus lots and lots of minor bug fixes and improvements. You can see a more detailed list of changes on the 'Site Progress' page.

We're not done yet of course. We've already started on even more cool stuff and you'll see more on that in the weeks following AmeCon. As a bit of tease for what's to come one high priority is for us to try and make your friends page more interesting and useful.