Post-AmeCon Update


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Monday 3rd September 2007

The UK's biggest anime convention is now behind us all for this year. We hope those of you who went along had a great time and have been uploading pictures of your fabulous costumes into our galleries. It's been nearly a month since our last update and you may have already noticed some of the great new features we've added in today's release. We've also welcomed aboard some new members of staff whose contributions should make a big difference to site in the coming months.

New Staff

Donna (Sakura Kokoro) is now our news editor and she will be posting front page updates to keep you up-to-date with all the latest cosplay news and announcements.

Nert will be our convention editor, this primarily means he'll be writing reports for cosplay related events such as anime conventions. So expect to see an AmeCon report from him soon on the events page.

Kelly has joined as our competitions editor. She'll be setting up monthly competitions where you can win great prizes and hopefully have some fun.

Site Updates

  • Friends Activity - The whole friend system has been overhauled so you can now see on the front page and on your friends page what your friends have been up to lately. Your overview page will also list your recent activity. We think this is a much nicer way of keeping track of what's changed since your last visit. Note: The site will only begin tracking activity from today so it might take a week or so before you can see how cool and useful this feature is.
  • Tutorials - Our tutorials section is now open. We've got two articles in there already and we've commissioned lots more great tutorials from some really talented people. So expect to see new material appear in there over the coming months.
  • Photo Lightbox - We've gotten rid of the clunky pop-up window, so now instead when you click on a photo it will appear in a stylish lightbox within the page.
  • Personal Photos - On your profile page you can now upload a normal non-cosplay photo of yourself.
  • Event Submission - On the events page members can now submit events to be added to the site. They will need to be approved by moderators before they appear on the site so please be patient.
  • Style Improvements - We've made lots of tweaks to try and improve the general look of the site. As you've probably already noticed we now have rotating images in the banner, we've also decreased the font size across the whole site and vastly improved the look of the home page.
  • Plus lots and lots of minor bug fixes and improvements. You can see a more detailed list of changes on the 'Site Progress' page.

As we always say, we've got lots and lots more planned for the site so we hope you all like the latest batch of stuff and continue to be a part of this great community.