Ouran Host Club Cosplay Event, Saturday 16th February, Trocadero


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Wednesday 13th February 2008

This Saturday the UAL Manga, Anime and Games Society are working with Tokyo Toys to bring you a unique Valentine's Day event. Primarily a speed dating event for 16-25 year olds where you will be served by the Ouran High School Host Club or one of the maids in a cosplay cafe format. Even if you're not interested in the speed dating you can take part in a day of activities starting from 5pm until late.

It all sounds a bit "different" to your usual cosplay event so if you're down in London or nearby why not drop in and have a look for yourself. I've included below the full write-up they sent us about what's going on.

UAL Manga, Anime and Games Society and Tokyo Toys Present

A Hosted Valentine's Event

Be among the first to experience a Valentine’s Day event with a difference... hosted and served to you by the Ouran High School Host Club. This Event will be held on Saturday 16th of February in TokyoToys Located in the London Trocadero from 5pm – Late. The Age limit for speed dating is 16-25.

In True Host Club Style, Participants of the event will get to choose which host that they want and that host will serve them.

Additionally there will be Maids to serve participants who don’t want a host to serve them. And there might be other Characters from the Ouran series lurking around the corner... ^_^

Primarily this event does promote Speed Dating which will be managed and kept in check by the host club. However you do not need to be part of the speed dating to be part of the event.

If you want to come to be served by the host club and make friends instead then you are still welcome. Love can also be shared in friendships and not only relationships and we would like to promote that importance of that too.
All Participants will be served by their host with a choice of Coffee, tea or juice with snacks kindly provided by TokyoToys.

We are going for a Cosplay café Feel as the UK does lack in these facilities compared to its origin home of Japan. We feel that people are missing out on this experience and therefore have gone out of our way to make this event possible and what better way to do it then as the Ouran High School Host club!

Events will be planned for the day for participants and for that reason not much will be disclosed about it. However we can say we will be true to the Host club you all know and love. A Japanese Wii will also be there for entertainment. Enjoy everyone’s company and soak in the Atmosphere for the day.

As the Events draw to a close Customers can take a picture with the host club member, maid or character or whole group of their choice. This can be taken as a memento for the day so you can remember the day and boast to your friends. Why not take it with your new found love or new friend? Either way it’s something you will never forget!

We all sincerely hope you will participate and join in this rare event! Be it for your possible new future or for the Host club, we will welcome you in Open Arms. The Ouran High School Host club will be waiting for you.

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I'll be there on Saturday!

I hope to see lots of other 20-odd cosplayers there too so I don't feel left out lol ^^

by Orihime on Wednesday, 13 February, 2008 - 20:54
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Ohh it sounds like so much

Ohh it sounds like so much fun, it's a shame I don't live in London :( I hope people get pictures. I'm going to London soon although it's a school trip so I don't I'll be able to make it to Tokyotoys :(

by Littlegeeky on Wednesday, 13 February, 2008 - 19:40
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This certainly sounds like a

This certainly sounds like a great event for Valentines day! However I will not be attending as I do not live in London, and can't take time off school D:

by Odd-One-Out on Wednesday, 13 February, 2008 - 18:19