Welcome to the Island


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Friday 2nd November 2007

We've been running for 3 months now and have surpassed the 200 members mark. With over 1,500 cosplay photos uploaded by you all things seem to be going great. We thank you all for being part of this community and helping to make it a great friendly place for cosplayers in the UK.

The Final Fantasy look-a-like competition has now closed and there were a hell of a lot of entries so I believe Kelly is going to have a hard time judging this one.

We also recently attended London Expo and Video Games Live both of which had their own cosplay competitions. Expect both written and video reports of Expo coming soon.

Although the competition pages haven't been updated yet Tokyo Toys have given us some great prizes for the Final Fantasy competition including a beautiful figure of Vaan from Final Fantasy XII for the 1st place winner.

That's all for now but once again thanks for joining us on Cosplay Island and if you get chance head over the forum and join in the discussion.