Naruto Look-a-like Contest Winners Announced


Article by Kelly posted Wednesday 10th October 2007

Hey everyone.

Our first competition is over and our winners our up! Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered, we had some brilliant entries and it was a very tough decision. So as one competition ends another begins. Our theme for this months competition is Final Fantasy, so if you have a Final Fantasy costume in your closet, from any game, feel free to enter! Remember it is just a look-a-like competition, so don't be afraid to enter if you haven't made your costume. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your entry!

The winners of the Naruto competition are listed below. For full details including information on the new Final Fantasy look-a-like competition check out our competitions page.

1st Place

1st place image

1st Place Anko – Lulu Rose.

I really liked this cosplayers interpretation of Anko. I think this is because of how naturally and comfortably she wears the character. (the bra is very much forgiven for modesties sake!) I also thought the kiss with Kakashi was very cute!

2nd Place

2nd place image

2nd Place Kankurou – Kankurou.

I was impressed with just how similar this cosplayer looked to their character! I had to double take. The proportions are dead on and he represents the character really well. Well done.

3rd Place

3rd place image

3rd Place Naruto – Frankii.

My first reaction when I saw this entry was how adorable this Naruto looked! I like the use of a softer wig to represent Naruto’s crazy spiky hair and if Naruto was a person I would think he looked just like this.