May London Expo - reports and more


Article by Delusional posted Monday 30th June 2008

Yes we know its a little bit late, but we're getting quicker each time with this! May Expo was a very hectic but fun two days, it amazes us each year how many people they can fit into the hall - I really don't envy the people who were queuing each morning however.

Once again we've got reports in both video and written format to highlight the best parts of the convention. We've also gained a new photographer for the galleries, Nia, who has put a selection of Expo photos up as her first album. For those of you who didn't manage to attend and want to see what all the fuss was about, or if you've already forgotten (well it has been a month) read on!

We were there all weekend this time, rather than skipping out to watch the F1 this time on the Sunday (okay, so we recorded it and watched it later) and set up base at the cosplay desk, providing an emergency repair station, dealing with the bag storage and generally attempting to help the Cosplay Coordinators not get too stressed! Everything went fairly smoothly (even the masquerade, shock horror) and we hope that we helped by being there.

Photo Galleries

We'd like to give a warm welcome to Nia, who has become our second photographer on the site. Her first album is of the Expo, and we look forward to seeing a lot more photos from her!

Written Report

Once he had slogged through his insane amount of photographs taken at the Expo, Nert kindly sat down and wrote up his overview of the convention for us with a few of his choice photographs. Who says we don't work our staff members hard? ;)

Masquerade Video

Perrin was once again armed with a camera for the weekend, taking footage of the convention and masquerade (and luckily not losing the footage this time!) Our intrepid reporters this time were Kelly and Rachel, braving the winds outside on the Saturday to hunt down and interview a few of the amazing cosplayers that were around.

And that's another Expo done and dusted! Just in time to get panicking about Amecon...