New content, and don't miss the boat for the Cosplay Cruise!


Article by Delusional posted Wednesday 7th July 2010

A few content updates for today! Courtesy of Ranma1-2 we have two new tutorials on the site - very useful step-by-step guides on how to make thigh-high boot covers and a ballet tutu. We love receiving articles like these and hope you find them as handy as us.
To add to this, we also have a couple of reports covering the October London Expo and the Grand Cosplay Ball from our man on the scene - Nert (Okay, we're long overdue but they're up - that's what counts, right?)

Also, in London this weekend the Cosplay Cruise is setting off! A first of it's kind, this event promises a five hour long party down the Thames with entertainment all night. They've extended the ticket deadline until Friday 9th July, so make sure you get yours before then else you won't be able to join in. Full details on the cruise can be found at their website:

We know cosplayers can take hours to get ready and love to be fashionably late, but please remember to get there early and make sure you are on board before 7pm otherwise they'll leave without you!