Japan Expo - A British Invasion


Article by Delusional posted Monday 14th July 2008

Fed up with the UK's idea of summertime, a few of the Cosplay Island team and members set off to attend one of the busiest conventions in Europe - the Japan Expo in Paris. Armed with a video camera and microphone, Nia and Rachel set out to report on what conventions are like the other side of the Channel.

With interviews of international cosplayers (and a few fellow Brits that they bumped into!) and footage of some of the costumes on display, they brought back a small part of the Expo for us all to see.

The Japan Expo in Paris is the largest convention dedicated to Japanese culture, and is held once a year at the start of July. It can be described like the MCM Expo in London but several times larger and the focus being solely on Japan - there are merchandise dealers, fashion shows, live concerts, traditional Japanese stalls and festival booths and of course a huge masquerade. The World Cosplay Summit (an international cosplay competition) is also held there every year for the French entrants.

With Rachel once again taking the role of reporter and Nia handling the camera action, here's a small taste of Paris Expo!