New Year, New Features


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Sunday 6th January 2008

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great new Christmas and New Years. Our Christmas gaming competition comes to an end next week so if you've not entered you've still got time. However right now the big news is that as you may have already noticed, we've rolled out some new features and improvements to the site.

Navigation and styling throughout the site has been fixed up and improved, as you'll see we've now got a nice new tab bar across the top for all the important content on the site. On the tab bar you'll see links to our new reports section which includes our first video report from London MCM Expo back in October. We've also added a Shop Directory for you to use to find all the best places to buy cosplay essentials.

Now for the really curious here's a break down of the changes in detail :

  • We've improved the menus for editing costumes and profiles so they look a bit nicer and are easier to use.
  • New reports section includes Nert's written events reports and the first in what we be an on-going series of video reports from cosplay related events.
  • Costume list pages now show an indicator of how many comments each costume has received.
  • Shops directory. As well as browsing the shops you can add favourite shops of your own, rate shops in the directory and add comments.
  • New tab bar across the top of the site, allowing easy access to main content areas of the site.
  • Minor improvements to the site styling, the header and footer are now full width and we've added a light gray background to the borders.
  • Security improvements. While doing all this work we came across a few naughty holes in our security and put some blue-tack in to stop any leaks.
  • Fixes for Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6. There were some problems with the way images appears in older Internet Explorer browsers (PLEASE UPGRADE!!!) and we've fixed those.
  • Birthday shouts will now appear on the front page.

So that's it. Obviously we've still got loads more ideas and features planned for the site but we hope you like our latest batch. Please feel free to let us know what you think.