2012 gets rolling!


Article by Delusional posted Wednesday 4th January 2012

Hopefully by now you've recovered from the festive season, and whatever you did on New Year's Eve! Welcome to 2012, where the cosplay season is kicking off earlier than usual!

Firstly, on Jan 6th registration opens for the first ever UK selection for the World Cosplay Summit, being held at Hyper Japan. Compete for a chance to represent our country in this famed competition - you have until February 14th to enter, with Hyper Japan being held on 24th-26th Feb. Check out the Hyper Japan Cosplay Facebook page for more details and to chat with other possible entrants!

Remember the deadline for the Namco Bandai UK SoulCalibur V costume contest is the 23rd January, so only a few weeks to finish your costume and get your photos in! Read our previous news post for all the details.

Lastly Minamicon 18 has put live it's masquerade registration forms, it may be a small con but places are still limited so get yours in before the convention to guarantee a spot. (And it's possibly less likely P-chan will muck up your audio on the day if you get in early!) Pop over to the Minamicon 18 site to get your entry in.