Inactive accounts - action required!


Article by Delusional posted Sunday 29th April 2018

With upcoming data protection changes and also just a general clean up of the site, we're taking the action to start removing old accounts from Cosplay Island.

People change their hobbies or choose to no longer use the platform, but we're not sure who remembers they still have their profiles lying around! Read on to find out our changes.

From the end of June, we'll be deleting and removing accounts from cosplayers who haven't logged into the site in the last 5 years. This deletion is permanent, and we wont be making backups.

If you haven't used the site in over 5 years but still wish to have your portfolio kept, all you need to do is login - no other action needed. (I mean, of course it'd also be lovely to see your recent work!) If you can't remember your details or have any issues logging in, please direct message us here or email support@cosplayisland.co.uk.

We'd highly appreciate as much sharing and spreading the word for this as possible to get the word out, our reach is horrible unless people interact with our Facebook posts! So a bit of begging from me to comment and share please where you can~

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