Eventful February


Article by Amy-Lou posted Saturday 21st February 2009

Looking at the numbers already signed up we guess you're all aware of AyaCon opening registrations this week. We're certainly looking forward to the return of an old favourite and hope to see you all there.

But no need to sit around waiting for months, there are plenty of events in the meantime and those who travel the length of the country for your cosplay fix can stay closer to home this month with an event to the North, South and inbetween!

D-con - Dundee

Looks like Auchinawa is no longer your only choice of Scottish anime events. As there's a new anime/art exhibit coming to the Dundee Student Union next week.

They've got a bunch of artist guests, video rooms, panels, and most importantly for you guys a cosplay competiton.

Check out their website for more details. The cosplay island team are all down in London so we won't be able to attend ourselves, but if you go and it's good let everyone know in the forums.

Japanese Art Festival - Richmond

Spoilt for choice, on the same day in the South we're being treated to a second event with the Japanese Art Festival in Richmond.

As well as the anime and manga we know and love, this will be a chance to check out the more traditional side of Japanese culture, with more unusual sights like traditional music and calligraphy, kimono demonstrations and martial arts displays. Of course no event is complete without the cosplay; there'll be a masquerade to enter in the day and a J-pop disco in the evening. Groovy.

Midlands Expo - Telford

Live in the midlands and feeling left out? This weekend Midlands Expo returns to Telford bringing a mix of TV, comics and gaming media. A chance to mix Western and Japanese fiction sounds good to us. We can't wait to see all your cosplay photos over the next few weeks, have a great time everyone.