Recent Site Downtime


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Tuesday 27th November 2007

Those of you wise enough to visit the site a lot might have noticed we've been having some problems recently and the site has been up and down quite often. Thankfully the down time has been brief but I'm sure you'll agree it's frustrating. We think we've tracked down the problem, which seems to be spammers attacking a forum on a different site hosted on the same server. *shakes angry fist at spammers*

UPDATE: We will be moving Cosplay Island to another server tonight (Thursday 22nd November) after midnight. We'll try to keep downtime to a minimum during the transfer.

UPDATE 2: Sadly, the server drama continues. The move to the new server failed so we've turned on the old server again, which means there may be intermittent site crashes :( We'll try and get this all sorted as soon as possible.

UPDATE 3: Okay I think we're all sorted now, the server transfer is complete. You might notice we're sneakily directing you to our .com site for the moment. The UK address will be back to normal in a day or two but it should all be transparent to you. You may now use the site in peace. ^_^