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Article by Delusional posted Thursday 11th December 2008

Well that's it for all the major cosplay events this year, with the Grand International Cosplay Ball rounding off the year quite nicely! That doesn't mean this site will get any quieter however as this news post is about to show. Please read on for news of the big summer convention for next year, announcement of our newest staff member and a mighty handful of new content!

A return event for 2009

If you have been hiding under a rock you may not have heard this news, but after Amecon announced a one-year hiatus from running next years summer diary looked a little bare. So someone stepped up to the challenge - the Ayacon committee returns after what will be a 4 year break to announce that Aya Revolution will be running in August next year. Registrations are not yet open, but please head on over to their website to check out more news and join in the discussions on the forum.

New Forum Editor

We wish to announce and extend a warm welcome to our newest member of staff, Sean, who has taken over from Mark as the Forum Editor. A lot of members will recognise him from the MCM Expo Forums where he did a stellar job moderating, and will have probably seen him walking around conventions in his awesome cosplays.

Sean will be taking a more active role in the forum as we're getting busier and we ask that everyone respects his decisions with forum posts and give him any support needed.

Content updates galore

With winter setting in it's far too cold to venture far from the warmth of the computer (at least not without some dancing involved), so we've gathered some top rate reading material for you!

We have four Event Reports from our man on the scene Nert covering this years Amecon, Video Games Live, October London Expo and Grand International Cosplay Ball. You can look back at the events past for a bit of reminiscing, or use them to get an insight into how the events are if you are thinking of going next time.

For those who went to the Grand International Cosplay Ball you might have already heard rumours of the event becoming something of a regular one... Head on over to their forums to give your support and feedback from the event, maybe we can convince them it's a good idea to run again!

For those after tips and tricks Sands has sent us a detailed tutorial giving an insight into how she makes those awesome headdresses of hers.

We love receiving articles from members. If you have any cosplay guides, costume walkthroughs or just handy tips you'd like to share please send them along to us at As with all the submitted content, please leave a comment or review on them if you find them helpful!

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Yaaay updates! And FINALLY

Yaaay updates! And FINALLY Laura has posted her tutorial xD

by stripey_dani on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 - 11:26
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These Reports are Fantastic

They truely and fairly represent the events

A great insight for any non con goers as of yet :D

by MangaChild on Thursday, 11 December, 2008 - 10:43