Cosplayers needed for documentary in San Diego


Article by drowned_panda posted Friday 18th June 2010

News has reached us that Morgan Spurlock, director of Super-Size Me, will be filming at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con for his new documentary. The aim of the documentary is to look at the appeal of cosplay and Spurlock is keen to interview cosplayers the world over whom are attending the event. Interestingly Spurlock has stated that he is making the film as a fan and wishes it to be a 'celebration of fandom and creativity'.

The San Diego Comic-Con will be held from July 22nd - July 25th 2010 and is one of the biggest comic-cons in the world, with special guests such as Stan Lee and at which big film announcements are often made. Although the event is sold out and not UK-based, it is worth mentioning in case anyone reading this is planning to attend but is not aware of the documentary. Given the growth of UK cosplay over recent years, it would be great to see a UK cosplayer in this documentary.

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