CLAMP competition winners announced!


Article by Kelly posted Wednesday 12th December 2007

This was an interesting one to judge! Whilst I didn’t suffer the same torrent of entrants as I did with the Final Fantasy competition, I was still very impressed with the quality of the entrants. It was pretty high, I think, and certainly wasn’t easy to judge. Many of my favourite titles are by CLAMP which made the judging especially enjoyable. Well done to all the winners, you did a great job.

Our competition sponsor TokyoToys is also running a Christmas party this Saturday (15th December) at their Greenwich store and I, along with the rest of the Cosplay Island team, will be there to cover the event. If you're around London this weekend hope to see you there.

1st Place

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Sakura (Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles)

Well done! I loved this entry. All Tsubasa characters have the general characteristic of insane and unrealistic proportions (no one is that tall and thin, damn it!), yet you give to the character a sense of grace that overall pulls it off well. The wig is great, too! You also got her mad signature antennae in, so I approve.

2nd Place

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Chii (Chobits)

I think ‘adorable!’ pretty much sums up this entry! I love Chii myself and I’m slightly jealous by how well you suit her! You even have the same colour eyes (assuming you didn’t use contacts anyway!) Extra points for using a full length wig too. The dress is also a nice interpretation of many of the dresses Chii wears.

3rd Place



KendappaOh (RG Veda)

Ah, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this entry; I didn’t think I’d be seeing anything from RG Veda in this competition. Older CLAMP works are rarely cosplayed nowadays and this made me smile. You look stunning, and I love the headdress and accessories.

Please keep an eye out for our next competition, we'll have news shortly!

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"Axel has an unbelievable waist" why is this in my comment box? o-0 but its true anyway ^----^

Yey! I came second >_< I wish I could come to London but I have so many essays T_T

by Komapsunida on Thursday, 13 December, 2007 - 00:22