Welcome to the Cosplay Island Beta


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Thursday 26th April 2007

If you can see this message it probably means you've been invited to take part in the cosplay island beta process. We're hoping to launch this site in the next few weeks and we need your help to make sure it's going to be great.

Over the next few weeks we need you guys to look around this site, add in your costumes, comments on other people's costumes, add interests, add friends, make forum posts. Basically play with everything you can.

Once you've done that please send us your feedback, we need to know what you like, what you don't, if you've found anything broken, you don't like the way things look, or maybe you think certain things could be explained better.

Everything and anything is useful, we can't guarantee we'll do everything you ask but we will take all feedback seriously and try to make every improvement we can to make this site the best cosplay resource it can be.

Thanks for taking part.