Coming soon to a town near you..


Article by Delusional posted Tuesday 15th April 2008

It doesn't seem like too long ago that UK cosplayers spent half of the year waiting for events to arrive, now it seems hard to go a few weeks without one! With new conventions popping up all the time, Tokyopop ReCon events becoming more often and people organising one-off workshops - we really cannot complain anymore. Read on to hear more about just a few of the events happening in the very near future.

MCM Expo May
MCM Expo events seem to creep up ever so fast and this year's May Expo is no exception in being just over a month away now. If this is the first you've heard of Expo events (where have you been living?!) the dates and website address can be found here. Just this week announcements were made about the masquerade and cosplay competitions, be sure to keep an eye open for when the masquerade registration opens! Keep an eye on the May forums on the MCM website for more information.

Tokyopop ReCon
Tokyopop have been kind enough to provide us with an official list of their ReCon events around the country, so as requested by a few people we can finally show a list of all their upcoming events! We're currently changing our Events section to allow adding events like these, but until then please find an up to date list here in the forums. We'll keep this list updated as they announce new events, so you'll only have to check one place to see if there is anything planned near to you.

Various Workshops
If you haven't been keeping an eye on the forums, Paul Fisher and our very own Kelly are running a free cosplay workshop in London on the 26th April, details found here.

We've also had a heads-up that Gender Confused Cloud is planning a one day cosplay workshop. A provisional date has been set for the 10th May in Oxford, if you are interested please take a read of her post on the Amecon forums here and let her know if you can make it.
Workshops like these are rare (the people willing to run them even more so) so if you can make it please support them!