A New Era on the Island


Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Tuesday 1st April 2008

As the article was posted at midnight on 1st April you might already suspect everything below is intended as a joke. We don't run this site as a business and will NOT be charging for memberships! All is well. ^_^

Well it's been a busy few months on Cosplay Island, we've got more members than ever and we're glad to see the site so busy. Of course we always meant to run this site as a business and we think it's finally time to start offering paid accounts. Other sites such LiveJournal and CosplayLab run successful paid services and we think we've got a good deal for you. For £5 a month you will be able to post unlimited pictures on your costumes, will get priority on appearing on the front page and an exclusive automatic Photoshop filter effect to all your photos. Right now free accounts will still be available but we hope to phase them out in the next 6 months, in the meantime we will be reducing the number of photos free users can upload to make space for our premium users and removing free members from the user directory. This is not all, we've got even more cool plans in store...

We've also been approached by the Flora Spoil advertising agency who we've agreed to sell copies of costume photos from the site for use in their ad campaigns. Obviously as part of the terms and conditions of the site you've agreed to let us use your photos in this manner, but we're looking out for you guys as much as ourselves and 1.8% of all money we make from Flora Spoil will be shared with the member whose photos we're using.

Finally, and possibly most excitingly, we're planning to run our own cosplay event to rival AmeCon and Expo. We'll be booking two whole convention rooms in the Excel Centre making it the biggest anime event in the UK. Events will include Cosplay Chess, Cosplay Speed Dating, Cosplay Slumber Party, Cosplay Gladiators, Cosplay Where's Wally and more!

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Bwahaha I quickly read

Bwahaha I quickly read through without looking at the first bit and thought it was serious!!!! Although the cosplay convention idea is the funniest thing I've heard all year, what a shame it's not real LMAO

by Orihime on Saturday, 19 April, 2008 - 03:01
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I lol'd XDDD

Cosplay Gladiators, hahaha!
Why not take it a step further and have Cosplay Battle Royale?

by Felixize on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 20:57
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April fools?

Is it an april fools???
Cosplay Where's wally? would be
so cool lol :D

by Littlegeeky on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 17:55
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Flora Spoil

LOL at Flora Spoil 8DDD
Ithought it was kind of a joke because I had never even heard of Flora Spoil before! XDD *Still laughs a bit* Though the thing about membership was rather convincing... until he part about getting rid of free membership accounts xD; [though it did worry be slightly xD;]

by CrystalNeko on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 17:01
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april fools joke?

no way can everyone pay a fiver a month

slumber party sounds good though...

by animeaddict on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 16:21
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....... O.o

alrighty well....... is this an april fool because if so good. if not, 1 you'll be losing alot of members who can't pay the fiver a month.

however that convetion idea sounds brilliant!

by Hexi on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 15:03
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Cosplay Slumber Party... :'D

I'm looking forward to that... XDDDD

by Yuka on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 12:21
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Do Flora Spoil ruin plants

Do Flora Spoil ruin plants as well as advertising? If so that would be well worth £5 a month, I hate flowers!! XD

by miiol on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 09:40
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"Automatic Photoshop filter effect"?

I lol'd.

by Sillabub on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 08:05
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Haha. Nevermind.

by Exelia on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 00:33
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Site enhancements??

April fools..? =_=

by YamiNoAeris on Tuesday, 1 April, 2008 - 00:36