Getting ready for Kitacon?


Article by Delusional posted Monday 23rd January 2012

With Kitacon sold out and rapidly approaching, I hope everyone's cosplay plans are sorted? At the least I hope you've started ;) During all that sewing, don't forget to register for their cosplay events though!

If you want to show off your costume, look at taking part in the main cosplay event, the masquerade on the Saturday night. For those of you going with a more competitive nature, check out the cosplay competition - with both Saturday & Sunday times available, this allows you to show off your costume to a panel of judges and be put forward for a cosplay award. For the more flamboyant (cosplaying or not) sign up for 'Kita's Got Talent?', the variety show held on the Sunday of the con. All three events are open for entry, with the masquerade and competition closing a week before the con, and 'Kita's Got Talent?' closing at the end of March. Spaces are limited for all events though, so make sure you register soon! You can find all the forms on the cosplay section of the Kitacon website.

There's also been a change in staff at Kitacon, with Chibi taking over organising & running the cosplay events! You can get hold of her either by emailing the cosplay address ( or via the Kitacon Forum. Any questions about the cosplay events, panels or general weapon enquiries, she'll be able to help! Check out the Kitacon weapon guidelines and the Kitacon Forum for extra info and to see what everyone else is making!