Selections made for ECG and WCS!


Article by Delusional posted Thursday 29th November 2012

This weekend saw Hyper Japan return once again, with more events, guests and workshops to take part in than ever before. But what we're more excited about is the selection of our representatives for the international competitions of the European Cosplay Gathering and the World Cosplay Summit!

Yuka and Taruto impressed the judges with their Final Fantasy IX outfits of Vivi Ornitier and Eiko Carol and will be travelling to Japan next summer to take part in the World Cosplay Summit. You can follow their progress on their Facebook page.

Heading to Paris to do us proud as a pair are Tsupo and Clood, who entered as Frodo Baggins and The Witchking from Lord of the Rings. For the solo entry, Sketch Mc. Draw wowed the audience with Kuma from Afro Samurai!

A huge congratulations to all the winners, make sure to give them your support as they represent us in Paris and Japan next year! Photos of the selections are up on the Hyper Japan cosplay Facebook page.