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Article by PerrinAshcroft posted Monday 8th September 2008

With AmeCon out of the way we've finally found a bit of time to finish off some new stuff we've been working on for a while. So we're pleased to present four changes to the costume profile pages:

  • To-Do List - You can now track the progress of your costume with a customisable to-do list for each of your costumes.
  • Costume Journals - Keep a journal as you work on your costume, including pictures, to show how it came together.
  • Double Photo Limit - Due to popular demand we've doubled the picture limit per costume up to 12. So you should now have room to include reference images and detailed close-ups.
  • Tagged Gallery Images - While browsing the photographer galleries you can now tag pictures showing your costumes and those images will appear on your costume pages.

We hope these new features will allow you to use Cosplay Island to not only show off your finished costumes, but to also help you plan and keep a record of your work. We hope you like them, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on these new features in the comments here or in the Site Feedback section of the forum.

A real focus for us has been to try and improve the way you can share photos of your costume. Many of you have said the 6 photo limit made it difficult to include good finished photos alongside detailed shots of props such as weapons. So not only have we doubled the limit, we've also allowed you to tag images from the photographer galleries and added the journal for you to include in-progress shots.

The flip-side of this though is having responded to your demands we're going to be a bit tougher on the images you upload. You should now no longer need to create separate costumes for your weapons and we may contact you to merge these back into one costume. Also the journal should only be used for in-progress images and we may delete any final costume images uploaded into your journal.

That's all for now but as always we're working on lots more stuff in the background, with a bit luck we might even have the return of competitions.

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Thanks for adding these. I

Thanks for adding these. I think its great. Especailly the new photo limit.

by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 9 September, 2008 - 21:50
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Thanks guys!

Great updates - I shall enjoy them, I'm sure.

Especially the to-do list - far better than random pieces of paper everywhere!

by Lunar_Kitten on Monday, 8 September, 2008 - 09:00
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I love these new updates! You guys rock <3!!

by Yuka on Monday, 8 September, 2008 - 01:51
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this sounds great an

this sounds great an excellent idea!

by fifilafoo on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 22:20
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Thank yooou~!

Yaaaay these new features will be so handy!! 8D
Thanks so much! ^__^

by CrystalNeko on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 21:13
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This is great ^^ Thank You ^^ - should really help ^^

by Jenivix on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 20:34
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*dies due to over exposure to pure awesomeness*

by MangaChild on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 20:33
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The improvements are great and very welcome!
I'm so looking forward to filling out the to-do lists! It will make keeping track of things so much easier! I loose so many lists!

Thank you~!

by BlusterSquall on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 19:47
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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

by Mungojerrie on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 19:46
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That's a brilliant selection of new features! Thanks, guys! :D

by Sillabub on Sunday, 7 September, 2008 - 18:46