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Article by Delusional posted Wednesday 21st August 2019

Some of you may have noticed the adverts changing around the site, and we just wanted to make a quick note on how they work and why we're changing things.

We've used google display ads for a long time to generate site revenue, but over time these adverts have gotten far less useful or targeted - and we don't think they are serving the content to our members that's interesting or useful in any way. So we're testing out an Amazon affiliate program, where we can curate a bunch of products that we think are great and specifically useful to cosplayers. As soon as we've been approved and we know the tracking is working, we'll remove the google display ad content. (Don't worry, we're not doubling up!)

These links are hand picked by CI staff and are either products we've used ourselves or know come highly rated. Whilst we recommend these products, it's important to note that these are affiliate ads - which means if you click and go on to purchase the item, we actually get a small share of revenue that goes towards site costs. If you click and buy a similar product, we still get a tiny share, so please browse around! Adverts are what keep the site online, so we appreciate anyone who decides to support us through these links, hopefully we'll be able to pop up some great deals from time to time. You can find more info on our affiliate ads here.

One last note - if you can't see the adverts, then you more than likely have adblocker enabled. We totally understand people's choices to do so, but if you've done it by accident and are able to allow ads for our site through your adblocker settings, that would help us out a huge amount. We always try and put the adverts after or on the side of content and promise we'll never do annoying pop ups, we couldn't live with ourselves if we did.

Thanks for listening!
The CI Team

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