Competitions Update


Article by Kelly posted Monday 10th September 2007

Hi there! This is Kelly, Cosplay Island's new Competition Editor. As you might have guessed, my job is to bring you lots of exciting competitions to participate in for our members. It’s all in the name of fun, though we do have a number of small prizes to give out to the winners, just to make it a little more awesome. At the moment our current contest is a Naruto themed ‘look-a-like’ competition!

So you may have already noticed the new section to the site, namely the ‘competitions’ page. We hope to run these ‘look-a-like’ competitions monthly, changing the theme each time. We started off with a popular series to get as many people involved as we can, but do not fear! In the future we will be adding more open themes, so people with more obscure costumes can enter.

Currently the competitions are going to be judged by me, with a second opinion being given by some other staff members. We hope it’s going to work okay like this, since this is a first run and everything.

This month, I am happy to say, we are sponsored by the guys at tokyotoys. For those of you who don’t know who they are, Tokyo Toys are a flourishing online store that stock all your otaku needs. They’re often around at the UK convention scene, so look out for them in the dealer’s room next time you’re at a convention!

So that’s everything, I hope I see many of you entering!