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Cosplayer since 2008, but didn't really start taking it seriously until a year or so later. Perfectionist and procrastinator, and serial chooser of far too many cosplays. Time management isn't a strong point, but last minute sewing is definitely a skill I've acquired over the years!

Over time, I hope to improve on my skills until I can make something truly awesome! :D

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Just need to figure out clasps etc

14 bags of stuffing in the body so far (will probably add an extra two once the head is attached). I really like how Salome looks right now, and I'm scared I'll mess up the head badly enough that I'll hate the finished thing. Forever scared D;

so this is like the only thing that went right in the multitude of cosplay-making I attempted to do today

This is the current state of boot cuffs and bands. Halfway through hand-sewing all the gold pleather, which is both easier yet more fiddly than expected. Hoping to blitz through this over the next few days, along with getting trousers and some more of the skirt panels finished.

Also, I promise both the boots and the cuffs are blue, even though they look black in the photo!

All done now, again apart from the buckles. Next on my agenda is boot covers!

Finally ordered some rivets and buckles (the latter of which have yet to arrive) so I churned out some more progress on Altair. This is the bracer which has the hidden blade (which I realise I have yet to make!). I got anal with the rivets and put them in even where you can't see them, but it'll be sturdier this way and I won't be so concerned about any of the straps coming off.

Just need buckles so I can trim the straps, and we're all done with this one!

So this is the weapon I used the most when I played AC, and (kind of expectedly) it's my favourite of the props I've made for Altair so far. I was really concerned about the holster because the handle of the short sword faces downwards, and my sword is rather pommel-heavy. But, with the magic of worbla, craft foam and extra pleather 'straps', I'm 99% confident that this sword will be going absolutely nowhere.

Perhaps not even for photos (at least, not without a struggle. I may have made the sheath a little tight xD)

Finished the main painting on both panels (second coat already done, but I don't have any pictures of that yet). Next stop, edge details!

Started work cutting out the stencil for the side panels on Queenie's skirt thing. Making this out of freezer paper, which I've heard tonnes of good things about, so fingers crossed it works for me and does what I need it to!

Just because I'm not sure any of the photos will ever show this off, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out~

Finally finished! Pretty happy with how this has turned out, too!

Technically there should be a little dome on the end of the handle, which I'll stick on if I can find something that works. If not, it's not a huge deal.

Boots are all done apart from the red lining, which I'll put in at a later date once I actually get my hands on the fabric I'd like.

Hoping to finish off the petticoat tomorrow, before I focus on other cosplays for a while.

Wrong wig, but I was trying out colour more than anything.

I am super kawaii and nobody can convince me otherwise.

All I need to get to finish both bracers are some studs and buckles, which I'll hopefully get sorted soon. Hooray for early progress!

Shoes all painted save for a top coat to make sure I don't scuff the white. After that, all I need to do is replace the laces. I'm pretty certain that I'm a little in love with these shoes xD

Marking this as completed today, because I only have a few little odds and ends left to do on various pieces, so Denmark's as good as done. I'm excited to actually have a more accurate cosplay this time, which is only fitting considering I'll likely retire Denmark after this. Going out with one last bang!

Only have the neckline and the band on the headdress left to go, so crappy update pictures it is!

Just need to finish the band around it, and make sure the seam in the bottom is secure, but then the headdress is all done~

Also fixed the lining in the dress, which should hopefully be finished tomorrow, meaning I can start on the shirt soon!

Skirt part of the dress is all finished, with the lining attached and all the lace FINALLY sewn in (bottom details of the skirt pictured). Also a shot of the bodice as it currently is. I'm hoping to get the sleeves done tomorrow, and possibly finish off the lining and finishing details. With any luck, I can get this dress completed in the next day or two :)

Fabric all bought! Hopefully I can start work on a mock-up which I can use to work out the specifics of the bodice etc, which will make starting work on the final dress a lot easier once the fabric arrives.

Oh, Assassin's Creed. How I love thee for requiring me to make dresses out of curtains xD

Progress so far; the various components in the top left (they'll all be joined using a skewer, which hopefully means the barrel will be able to spin!), some 3D details on the guard in the top right, and the base of the pommel in the bottom.

As usual, everything is in the process of getting a coat of paper mache, because it makes everything stronger and is a pretty good base to put primer etc on top of. I used acrylic board for the base structures, sandwiching it between two layers of super hard cardboard stuff (I'm not sure what it actually is!) for the parts that needed to be extra stiff (aka the blade and the guards). The barrel consists of several small circles of acrylic board, with worbla making up the actual barrel. 3D details are all craft foam.

Made a start on Myrtenaster today, using a great tutorial I found on dA. Finding tutorials is always a great place to start, but I like to fiddle around with them a bit, so I'm pretty much only using the template that came with it (because it saves me so much hassle trying to work things out on my own!)

Pics as soon as I have enough progress that it's actually worth showing.

Decided that I would somewhat attempt Sewvember, and at the very least use this month to focus on Claudia, even if I don't actually manage to finish her. I've already started working things out, and may even attempt a trial bodice out of scrap fabric later. All I really need is to get my hands on the right fabric for the majority of the dress, and everything is set to go!

Okay, so, dyeing Makoto's jacket didn't turn out too well. For some reason, the dye just really doesn't want to take, and everything's now different shades and makes me very sad :'( BUT! My Haru is a wonderful person and, in exchange for mackerel and sushi, has agreed to buy me a second jacket that I can use to finish everything off.

Hopefully within a week or two, I can report that Mako-chan will finally be done!

Gonna class Gareki as complete now, since all I have to do is wait for his gloves to arrive. No more sewing, no more finishing touches, just waiting on the post xD

Might fiddle with his hair again nearer the time, but that's not very important :)

Just have a few kinks to work out, and some final details to add, but this bad boy is finally done! 8D

Finished making the spear and adding all the base details. I paper maché'd over the entire thing because I'm too stingy to buy primer, and because the spray paint I have isn't fond of sticking straight onto plastic. Although it took quite a lot of extra time, this way I get a more even surface over the entire spear, which is great.

Hopefully the weather will allow me to spray paint it and start adding all the other details later on in the week, but until then I'm focusing on painting the scroll designs onto Fang's saris.

Bought new shoes/laces for when I rewear Koizumi later this year. Although they won't give me any added height in comparison to my Otani, I'm much happier with having these because they're actually accurate!

Just a quick journal to show the progress of my hair. I'll need to straighten it a little on the day, since my natural hair is way to curly for Fang, but I'm pretty happy with the progress. A friend has agreed to colour the tips for me, and I'm still a few more hair cuts away from everything being the way I want it (I'd like it a little shorter on the top, methinks), but I'm pretty pleased with it all 8D

This costume is going to be my priority once May expo is over. Even though there's several months between then and Aya, I also have Altaïr to compete with, so Fang and the 24-ish metres of fabric that I have to hand paint are going to take up the majority of my time.

Really happy with the fabric I have, especially considering I didn't have a sample to compare to when I bought the light blue. They're both a lot bluer in real life, but my camera didn't seem to want to take a decent picture xD

Tried out Marcie's hair again today, this time with the hat. It can sometimes look a little strange, since the hat doesn't have much give to it at all, and I'm forcing a huge amount of hair under it (2 wigs! Marcie, why?!), but I'm happy with the overall outcome.

I'm going to be a hair monster! If anyone wants to come and join the hair-brushing sessions we're going to be having all day to keep this beast tamed, then feel free! xD

I have everything bought for Marceline now, just waiting for the 2 wigs to come so I can make her hair. The only other bit of sewing I have left to do is adding the ribbons to the back of her boots, which I'll probably leave closer to the time, just so I don't end up overworking myself with uni things alongside cosplay. Looking forward to getting everything done now, because at my current pace I should have loads of time left to start working on some of this summer's cosplays a little earlier than I thought! :D

Made a start on Mai's darts today after a sudden stroke of inspiration. Pretty happy with how they're turning out, especially since they required minimal work (just sawed the ends off some take-out chopsticks, and painted them up a bit). Still have 9 more to go, and then at some point I'll start working on the holsters for her wrists.

Somehow ended up buying pretty much everything I need for Desmond already. Came across some perfect trainers today, so snapped them up, and now just waiting for bag/hoodie/scar-stuff to arrive. Early planning, ahoy~ 8D

Also tested some make-up the other day, and pretty happy with the result, but the wig is still the biggest issue. Will update with more progress once more goodies arrive and I actually have some physical work to show.

Finally got round to finishing AC3, so now I can actually start working out how to go about Minerva without having to spoil myself with videos in order to see her outfit from all different angles. Her outfit shouldn't be too difficult, altogether, but I think it'd be nice to work more with my Juno once we've got things planned out so that our clothes will made from the same fabrics etc.

Totally decided today, at random, to go ahead and make my poker chips 8D Currently waiting for them to dry so I can add the yellow details, and then progress will have been made!

Also had a look at aluminium briefcases out of interest, just in case we do decide to make a PASIV. Some of them aren't that expensive, guys. We should definitely do this! ;D <3

Did a trial today of what I currently have for Marceline, and it looks a little better than I thought 8D I still need to make adjustments to some stuff, like the trousers because they're a little big, but on the whole there's not much to do.

I need to buy a new vest at some point, because a) I'd like one with a better fit, b) this one's not quite red enough, and c) it's not my vest xD

Possibly going to buy ribbon for the hat today, and I might sew that on later just to feel like I've actually made progress. Also going to buy boots and gloves today, so hopefully they'll arrive before Christmas and I can start work on those too :)

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