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this is the right horn before sanding. i ran out of clay to do the other one, so i'm just waiting on that.
attaching these babies to my head is gonna prove a difficult task.......

i've always loved the way these things look, so i finally bought a pair! for only £14 they were a bit of a bargain!

this will be my first time wearing/applying prosthetics, so wish me luck ;A;

spent way too much money on this thing but i dont care because i've always wanted it
purrs quietly

waves goodbye to £32

so yeah, i bought some glasses for eridan, and i just wanted to see if i'd suit him. so i messed around with an old wig and some lovely photoshop, and this is the end result.
i think i'm pretty happy with it? i need to work on how to make my mouth look a little more manly, but that calls for grey paint, so.

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