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Been cosplaying for years and Im not about to stop now! :D
I started at the tender age of 12, when I threw together a Chibi Trunks costume out of my old dance clothes. Then I was hooked!
I must say my proudest cosplay achievement so far was Duo Maxwell... Making my own wings and Scythe was pretty good! Ohhh I miss those days of disposible income to spend on things like material and prop making things!
Im getting very much back into cosplay now, and am dead set on making a lot more girls, Ive crossplayed too much! D:

Hope to see people around Expo, I dont bite so feel free to come and say hello :)

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Wig and dress are both bought... waiting for them to be shipped/arrive.

Need a pair of shoes and some more make up and Im sorted.


Am not happy with this at all.

Basically I fucked up my suit royally so had to buy and dye a Primark suit, which doesnt really fit me and looks like crap atm (but its drying, so fingers crossed.)

Really disappointed, Ive let myself down!

Going to be remade ASAP!

No doubt some awful photos will appear from Aya xD

Well as I didnt finish The Undertaker the original plan has flown away... I now have 7 metres of black fabric, after Aya...IT BEGINS! :D

Well Im pretty much done with this... I have my white shirt, black trousers, wig that needs a bit of cutting, a wand and soon will have my Gryff tie!

If need be Ill find a grey jumper from M&S and am currently on the hunt for a robe, but asides that hes now wearable 8D

Pics to come soooon!

Basically Im going to be using the bits of The Undertaker to make this xD

Well I finally tried her on... and I couldnt do up the zip xD Oh deeear Dani looks like you forgot to put in SEAM ALLOWANCE D: Or Ive put on weight... D:

Soooo its back to the drawing board, I dont know if I have the strength to remake her now... I guess Ill sell the too small one on Deviantart xD


Ack its not as big as I wanted it to be but tbh I just dont have the strength to make another! lol

Dress is almost finished, just need to put in the zip :)

Started Ayane... Not happy with her accessories already... Need to make those arm warmers longer >.<

Ooooh how annoying... I cant seem to get any red shoes for Trowa. Means I have to bugger up a nice accurate costume with shameful black boots xD.

Im so proud of this costume, my best so far! (I'm thinking I-No is gunna beat it though!!!)

Wow Im impressed at myself. 3 hours sewing and hes done! Pics coming soon, need to be at home to upload it :)

Really pleased with it! I didnt know I could sew so fast! Now all I need is the wig, which has been commissioned by the lovely Liz (SephNoir) and the mask, which is being papiermached by Moozman ^^ WOOP!


And Ill be taking some pics reeeeally soon!


This costume is much harder than I thought itd be, and my sewing machine is struggling!
Shes currently around halfway done, and Im cutting corners by using my Luppi wig for her xD

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