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What I've worn at different events:

AnimeCon 2001 Liverpool - Kamiya Kaoru, Rurouni Kenshin (anime, sparring clothes)
2002-2008 - Mainly gothic/lolita outfits ^^
London MCM Expo Oct 2008 - Abel Nightroad, Trinity Blood (manga)
Grand Cosplay Ball 2008 - Abel Nightroad, Trinity Blood (artbook, ROM arc)
Grand Cosplay Ball 2008 - (my hubby) Antonio de Borgia, Trinity Blood (artbook)
Minami Con 2009 - Abel Nightroad, Trinity Blood (artbook, ROM arc)
Minami Con 2009 - (my hubby) Professor Wordsworth, Trinity Blood (manga)
London MCM Expo May 2009 Saturday - Abel Nightroad, Trinity Blood (artbook, ROM arc)
London MCM Expo May 2009 Sunday - Kamiya Kaoru, Rurouni Kenshin (anime, sparring clothes)
AyaCon Aug 2009 Saturday - Shura, Soul Calibur IV (1st player ver)
AyaCon Aug 2009 Sunday - Isaak Fernand von Kampfer, Trinity Blood (artbook, civvies)
London MCM Expo Oct 2009 Saturday - Isaak Fernand von Kampfer, Trinity Blood (anime ver.)
London MCM Expo May 2010 Saturday/Sunday - Juri, Super Street Fighter IV


Haha, the first time I had cosplayed was seven years ago, at AnimeCon 2001 in Liverpool. For the masquerade, I was doing Kamiya Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin, in her sparring clothes. I didn't actually sew anything, I was just very picky and fortunate in scouring for bargains whilst in Tokyo on holiday to source the various bits of my outfit. I actually came Best in Show! XD XD

Since then, I've been mainly a Gothic/Lolita fashionista, but lately I wanted to have a go at cosplaying again, as absolute love of Trinity Blood and the challenge of its notoriously difficult costumes proved too much of a lure for me XD

So - seven years later, I got back into cosplay with Abel, I love him! I also wear glasses with a spectacle chain to my earcuff most of the time (believe), so I thought it would have been a crime not to try and play him. Onwards and upwards!! *punches air*

My gallery will have pictures of me and of anyone else who wears any costumes I make (currently my husband is my only guinea pig, but I'm trying to convince more of my friends to model for me, haha!)

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As the Grand Cosplay Ball gradually edges closer and I'm not doing anyhthing complicated for Expo, I'm beginning my shopping now:

3m of White Leatherette (for bodice + glove cage)
White long gloves (base for crazy gloves)
White front clasp halterneck bra (as base for bodice)
6m of Blue crystal organza (for underskirt)
4m of White embossed taffeta (for skirt)
Sky blue pearlescent fabric paint spray (for front of bodice)
Sea blue pearlescent acrylic paint (for darker blue sections on bodice)
Hot glue gun (My husband's one is knackered)
1kg of metallic gold glue sticks (for all the raised gold patterns/edging)
Gold toe-bar high heeled gem-encrusted sandals
3m wide Gold elastic thread (possibly for high lacing on sandals)
Fucktons of gold/amber/ebony sew-on epoxy rhinestones

I *think* that's everything...

Hehe, shoes, holdups, hair band sorted. Need to colour the heels of the shoes black. Just waiting for my cheapo shift dress to arrive so I can mod it for the criss-cross pattern and it's done! ^^ I love ghetto cosplay XD

Nabbed a 2nd hand slightly-large olive green suit off eBay, Matt even has a peach/yellow tie XD Easiest cosplay ever!!!

I want to wear my pirate dress at the Ball!!!! And other reasons. See my LJ. So this will have to wait till later. Matt and I will sort this for next year XD

Yes, well, I had sewn on the top collar section and it turned out a little short. I think I also should extend the interfacing on the front button sections. So I'll probably need to spend about an hour unpicking, re-cutting and re-sewing. But aside from that, it fits, it looks correct!! And I sorted out this problem before starting on Dietrich's costume! So it's good ^^

I'm just hoping that my vintage German military leather belts arrive in time, given the postal strikes T_T Otherwise, one of use will probably have a overly bling belt substitute. But hey, with Trinity Blood, erring on the side of bling is never a bad thing.

My black silk cravat arrived today, waiting for my waistcoat. It's costumes like these that are so much fun, as I know that I can re-use many of the items for my personal fashion another time ^^

It's just a matter of gathering the little bits and painting the glove backs when I have time. Looking forward to wearing this, it will be so comfy!

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