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I am not entirely sure when I first began cosplaying, but I started with Yachiru from bleach! That cosplay is not up here because 1) It was store brought and 2) It was pretty awful. Since then I have cosplayed several different characters and hope to cosplay many many more in the future. I like to think my sewing skills have grown greatly since my first meagre attempts!

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Due to unrelated events, i've not been able to finish Arshtat for May expo. I really don't want to rush her as i'm planning on entering her in Eurocosplay, so i'm going to finish her for Manchester expo instead!

Sorry, no photos just yet, i'm too lazy to upload them from my phone >>

I've almost finished the embroidery on the skirt, and i've cut out the pieces for the shirt, but not the sleeves. I'd really like to have finished the purple embroidery by the end of the month, but if possible i'd like to have the white done too ;-; I'm planning on buying the fabric for the white embroidery tomorrow, and hopefully by then i'll have drawn out the rest of the purple embroidery onto their respective pieces! I'm a little behind where i'd like to be, but hopefully I can catch up to a decent point in the next few weeks ;a;

I'm still a little intimidated by this project, but we'll see how it goes! I want to get as far ahead as possible because may/june/july is going to be really busy for me as I'm attending may expo and japan expo, and moving inbetween them, so I have to get stuff out of the way fast ;a;

I've brought the wig already- I'm praying it will be enough. It's a bit of a monster!

I'm going to actually start working on this costume soon, as it's going to take up a great deal of my time. I spent several hours searching for a good material for the skirt, and I think i've finally found something that will work! Its a metallic chiffon, so it will have to be lined to keep it from being see through, but it has a really nice effect. The price is going to be a little less impressive to my bank though ;-; I'm planning on getting 3 yards, but I might have to do a mock up first to check that will be enough, as the fabric is expensive and as it's from america the shippings pricey too :(

I also want to try using batik for the snowflake designs on the cape. This is by no means the final technique I will use but I think it has the potential to look really nice if I can pull it off, so i'm going to be buying the tools for that asap!

I went down to the fabric store last week to begin the fabric buying process! It was an expensive trip, but I made a lucky find with some flowery material for the cuffs and collar, and a little extra fabric for free because I ended up buying almost all of the rest of the bolt....

Ok, this is going to be a pretty large project, so for once I am starting well in advance. This is for a Dragon age 2 group for the Saturday of May expo. I want to do it really well, so i'm going to be making my own chain mail for this too. Luckily, I already own fabric which will work for the green tunic, so I can focus my money on the chain mail, which could potentially be quite expensive ;a; I'm hoping I'll have enough of the darker green fabric as I can't really remember where I got it from...

Need to start looking into the leather part of this cosplay too. It's looking like I might have to learn leather work for this to be pulled off right...

Wish me luck!

Hoping to start on the first dress in this series soon. This series is pretty obscure, and unfinished, but I love it because it's a cute figure skating story, so I will definitely enjoy cosplaying from it. Starting with the pink dress, but i'll probably make my way through all of them eventually!

Going to be rewearing Wendy at kitacon for at least the cosplay ball if not longer. I am hopefully going to redo the wig so it looks bette, but it requires risky wig chopping so it's a little scary! Shall also attach some elastic to the leggings so they don't try and fall down like they did at expo!

It's a week left and I still have so much to do AAAAAA

(I find it amusing that I apparently had this exact title for another journal somewhere.....)

I have just finished cutting out all the pieces of my amaimon kigu! :D I still need to do the eyes, and possibly add some tufts of fleece here and there, but other than that I am pretty much ready to pin and sew! Not bad for an hour or two of work! If only the toothless kigu was so simple!.

This kigu is a present for a friend of mine! It is part birthday/christmas present, part fuel repaying gift. I quite like to make kigus, and hope to get comissions at some point, so i'll be working pretty hard on this one!

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH How does this wig even work I don't even. Wigs are not my speciality....

And Wendy is completed! I am so proud of this cosplay, I really enjoyed it! Mostly swishing the skirt, not gonna lie!

I hope to wear her again at some point, and get more photos! Also to redo the wig (the bun extensions never arrived so we had to make do with what we had!). Expo was fantastic, despite our late start! Hope everyone else enjoyed it!

I have an alarming lack of photos for this cosplay! I am considering rewearing it at either Kitacon or October expo, or both. I will possibly remake parts I am unhappy with too!

As of today I guess Miguel is started? I brought the fabric for the shirt, anyway. I also looked at Mandolins, and am hoping to find some cheap ratty on I can abuse somewhere! So far Miguel has cost me a total of: £9.98! (2 metres of 100% cotton.

Not including thread in this, as thread doesn't count ever.....

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