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Been cosplaying since May 2007 and got the bug from the love of the idea of dressing up and my friend Sam =^__^= My first cosplay was a FF12 Moogle ...the less we talk about that the better. It was F A I L to the Extreme. Will revisit that cosplay though. Do it better this time.

Dream Cosplay?! Evil Question. Red XIII! That'll be fab to make that outfit. Chiyo-Chan penguin style is also another that I'd like to make. Oooh! Then theres Rikku! I'd love to cosplay her Trainer outfit (FFX-2). Though due to the possibility of immense discomfort and awkwardness as well as the threat of having my lunch stolen, I doubt I could get away with carrying an oversized monkey on my head....

Have some plans for 2015 which include the Queen of Hearts as well as having some surprises up my sleeve. :3

My most memorable cosplays were Peeeeach, Maleficent and Quina!
Quina was so much fun and Princess Peach. I loved dressing as her, every part of it was fun. Fun to make, Fun to wear and fun to beat peoples butts on SSB Brawl at the same time. =^__^= Couldn't walk either without being stopped for hugs or photos!!!

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Finally got round to amending this costume. I'm in need of a dress for the Kitaball so decided to have a go at this. Have a tone of this cream curtain fabric so I've decided to prize away the "Bark" texture of the underskirt and use that in the re-design :)

The materials I’ve chosen are taffeta, indian raw silk (the gold colours) and shot taffeta. The dutchess satin has a very strong primary red to it which matches wonderfully however the material is a lot heavier and thicker. I need to bear in mind that this costume will be worn during August so need to prepare (just incase) for those few rare days of British summer. The shot taffeta is slightly deeper red but a gorgeous shade all the same and compositionally, the colour compliments the shades of the raw silks I’ve chosen for the underskirt. Unsure if I need a brighter yellow for the skirt though – feel the champagne gold (the sample just above yellow/gold sample in the middle) is too pale however I’m rather warming to it when they’re placed together. They do work well but still…...

Well this took a while! But 144 handsewn circles later and they're complete and ready to attach to the main fabric. Currently in the process of detailing with 3D pearl paint to give the suckers a bit more suckery-ness then just need to sew them together, add some wire and then stuff :)

Due to my plans (of which I FINALLY figured out, just about/working as I go along now because it needs to e done) I have to draft a pattern pretty much from scratch using a metro with cranes on it. My aim is to use as much fabric for her "skin" as possibly to avoid smothering myself in body paint as much as possible. My face and neck will be painted so will *hopefully* be able to colour match. We'll see... *fingers crossed*

Well. I now discovered that I'll be going to Expo for a full Sunday (going home Monday) So there is a possibility that I will also be cosplaying Lotta. That's if time and budget allows. However, I can safely say that she'll be started this year and if Expo doesn't work out then I'll have her to wear for Kita. :)

This was pretty awesome when I made it (if I say so myself) considering this is the first full dress I ever made and without a pattern too. All made from the mind. Hopefully I get to wear this again. I'm gutted that I didn't get many pictures of me wearing it so am going to try do this for a future event! But it needs some work and looking back on it, wasn't very well made. I've lost weight since I first made this so adjustments will be made and I also dis-liked the way the top part of the dress hung on me. I don't think I darted it correctly so the sleeves kept slipping and the front gapping a little. It will be worn again in May for the Make-Believe Festival so hopefully I re-fashion it and get this to look awesome again! :)

I've provided some more illustrations but I will upload proper, clearer ones later. I'm not very well atm (should be sleeping, tired that but was too restless.) So was just lazy and couldn't be arsed to go upstairs to scan and upload it properly. This is an example of the tentacles and some thought processes that went through my head. Not much but some. A full moodboard of plans will be uploaded at some point.

n another note, if anyone has any helpful tips or advice on how to make tentacles seem "Alive" on a costume it will be most welcome.

Basically. I said there was an idea that I have stuck in my head for this. Want to try and make an crinoline base which will look like rock and the tentacles will be a separate attachment that sits over the rest of the dress. Need to really figure this out, but I want to attempt to make the tentacles have a bit of their own life in them as well as try and get them to fan out.

(apologies for rubbish illustration)

Generally. Life has got in the way with anything cosplay related. I am pleased to say that I have regained my cosplay momentum and the moment I eventually move in with BF, cosplay will be easier to maintain and do, as well as the both of us planning on going to conventions and things being easier to figure out.

ANYWAY- I digeress. I have recently got back into working on this costume. Materials have been sourced and est cost figured out and a wig has been sourced. :) Things are finally looking up for cosplay! :)

I have a possible Seymour (Though he doesn't know yet. lolololol, ahhh boyfriends) and I am still on the hunt for that perfect fabric. I will still be defiantly be cosplaying this once my fellow friend and cosplayer GoldieNeko has planned her super special awesome cosplay. We will be doing ours for the same group :)

Have pretty much jumped on board with the planning progress since Kita finished. Focusing on this halps avoid the PCB so I have something else to look forward too. :)

I've figured the Flotsam and Jetsam. Idea for these lovely creatures will be as a scarf which can be kept wrapped around me.

First thing I will working out is the wig. Next month I will be buying the base wig and the wefts to start with the styling. She has two grey bits on either side so will have to stitch those separately into the wig.

I'll be working on Ursula's necklace now as I have the materials to hand. Will post pics soon :)

x x x

All the fabric for this is now cut and dyed....with a lot of glitter. I thought this would be a good idea to add glitter glue to the paint. It's gone everywhere but hey, it sparkles :)

It does actually look better than the photograph, I assure you. He's all pinned up now ready to sew so once I get extra stuffing material and the detail fabric, he'll be good to go! :)

because everybody loves baggy pants. I've got the base of these done now, using a pattern I had in the house for ages. I've used a ivory satin type material (not quite satin as it has a dull shine. Its quite strong which will fall nicely into shape for baggy pants. It was quite a while since brought it so cannot be sure of the exact material)

The pattern I am using is the Civil War Undergarment pattern from the wonderfully complicated Simplicity brand. Dangnabbt: WHY YOU NO MAKE THINGS SIMPLE?? 3 Pieces I need for my pantaloons and you put each piece on an individual sheet IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PATTERN PAPER. Why? What kind of logic is this?

On top of that, 1 piece (the main pantaloons) took up most of one bit of paper BUT it had 2 other pieces on it for other garments you could make with the pattern. The other 2 pieces I had to cut out for the pantaloons were nearly the same size and would have fitted PERFECTLY around the main piece where the other garment pieces were and vice versa. WHY they decided to put them on different bits of paper is beyond me.....

Anyway I digress. All in all, the base pantaloon shape has been cut and now ready to be sewn once I have the overlay pattern cut out. (In the material picture this is the golden organza material with embroidered flowers in it.)

Hopefully these will be complete this week. :)

Mostly brought with help from the lovely Freyarule! Some things I'll have to get later due to lack of cash! But the top and hat I can start working on shortly. Also need to locate the bloomers pattern I had. Found it the other day but TYPICALLY now I want it, I can't find it.

Found some perfect boots on Ebay too! All they need is to be dyed midnight blue round the tan edges and the laces replaced for delicate gold and they'll be fab! Again, once payday arrives! :3

NEverminds. There seems to be a major delay on most of my costumes atm. I will be wearing her at some point. The material I located seemed to run out and I've not found anything close to this since. Still on the hunt for that perfect fabric.

SO MANY DELAYS! My machine was broken and now I've finally got it fixed, its so close to AYAAAA. Had to hold back on some costumes because of this and I'm focussing solely on Sakuya and Oki now. Others will have to wait. Good news is, its a fairly simple costume aside from the top which I have to figure out as i'm having to amend the style to suit me and I'm not entirely comfortable with just sleeves and lots of flesh. lol Too many wobbly bits. Most of the pattern has been cut noe so its just getting it all pieced together :3

decided to make a mini Issun for this cosplay too. Made out of Paperclay.

Arrived today :3

The photo doesn't do the material justice. Its lovely and soft, perfect for what I'm looking for. Purchased from ebay seller "Lara's Fabric Barn". Highly recommend if you're ever having to buy online. Just can't wait to get started on this oufit now! So exciting =^__^=

I'm guessing this has gotten started now. Planned out everything I need to do and sort out relevant materials! Can't wait to get started on this one!

So exciting that this is coming together! :3 Going to be practicing some make-up looks soon.

I has made plannnns for this. Just ordered a whole lotta stuff.

Wig, gloves. *excited* yes.


:3 Located a decent material for this now, just waiting till after Kita to get started on it. It will go ahead. Its such a lovely dress, just has to be done.

its been ages since i ordered it but it finally arrivd tody! git straight to work on this and have cut down the top and made arm warmer gloves! :3 next step yellow thing.

Here's a quick preview of how the wigs looking. I've started the earflaps and everything. It needs sewing together and adjusting, a lot. But it's getting there! 8D

Yup! Got this tother day tahnks to the lovely Feather-to-Earth who got me this for ma birthday pressie!

Just started the styling process now. :3 Its a naturally poofy wig so styling won't be an issue even if it did flatten a little during post. I've plated the the back so far and just working on the headband/hat thing to house the goggles, feathers and the earflaps. Once thats on it'll poof up delightfully =^__^=

x x ttfn x x

Fial jumper is fail. Arrived to me with a massive hole in it although this was not mentioned on the auction AND it was described as unworn, BNWT which it didn't have. It was also 2 sizes smaller than advertised. So unhappy bunny is now on the look out for a new one. Guess you get what you pay for when is 99p.....


forgot to attach picture. Socks and fabric. Watch straps for the flappy bits on his hat arrived too. :3

Can FINALLY get started properly on this now. Fabric and socks arrived in the post this morning just as I was setting up my sewing machine. Coincidence. Just waiting for my jumper to arrive then can near get this finished. Whoop! Completely gutted though, I missed out on a pair of perfect boots for him on ebay but was outbid at the last minute. Was the only bidder as well til that point. :( Long, hard search is hard but something will turn up in the end, it always does.

This is nearly done now. Painted, Varnished, just needs the trim added :3

Because the whole suit is white fleece, I've opted for a fantastic fur fabric that has purple bits in it. Thought it gave it more of a royal feel to it as well as a slightly 'Wild' feel to it. =^___^=

The suit is all done (aside from attaching the tail.) so its time to focus on the props for now. Made a start on the Crown for Max. ATM the base is made out of paper cardboard, newspaper and masking tape. This is just for the base.

Apologies for rubbish picture.

All stuffed and ready to go. Just need to work out attachment methods and make sure the stuffing is ok.

Right. So it begins.

Found a fantastic material for Max's tail today so managed to go ahead with that. Just needs stuffing then can attach it to the near completed suit. I was surprised on how easy this cosplay has been to make. Once everything had been pieced together, the sewing side of it too about an hour to get a complete jumpsuit.

All that needs doing now is the hood, the whiskers and fastenings then that will be done and dusted, giving me plenty of time to figure out the feet, gloves, crown and sceptre. 8D

x x x ttfn x x x

Are complete and the whole costume (aside from feet, gloves and tail* is cut out ready to sew. Can't really do much else until I locate this material for his tail :( Though can get the sleeves and hood sewn up, which I intend to do.

Made a start on this today. The fleece for the jumpsuit is all cut now and ready to sew together. Will get pictures asap. The best thing about this is the fleece, its so warm and so soft. *love it*. Found some rather funky white buttons today to which I hope to sew on to the front. Going to cheat a little and have this as a zip-up suit and the buttons sewn on as decoration on a poppered flap which hides the zip. (if that makes sense) tbh that may take longer but I reaaaally cannot be bothered to make button holes.

Hopefully my paperclay will arrive soon so that I can start making claws for the gloves and the boots 8D Possibly, if theres enough and its easy to work with, may use it for the crown and certainly for part of the staff.

The only issue I am having atm is locating a perfect material for Max's tail. It is like a long pile grey/white/black mix fur. If anyone has any suggestions or knows where I can pick something like that up, i'll be most grateful

xxxx ttfn xxxx

These babies are nearly done now. Just need teh back to do and to spray/darken off the lighter feathers so they blend in better. This will probably be the last progress entry from me so until Expo, good bye.

And just incase I don't see peeps at Expo, take care and have fun x x x x x x Pickles x x x x x x

Wings have now got Elastic attached to get them to stay on my back. They're really light and quit sturdy. They do flap a tiny bit from the wire bouncing a little but is usually simiultainously that they do it and quite natural. 8D

I have also made Wing Flaps in the top, at the back. So I can wear these "Underneath" my costume :3 and it looks like they are growing straight out of my back =^___^=

Begun attaching feathers today too! WHOOPWHOOOP!

x x x ttfn x x x

And theres ALOT more where that came from. All of various sizes. The great advantage of waltzy is that his wings are quite tatty so won't need to do much in the way of shaping and neatness.

I currently have:

60 Turkey Feathers 10-12 ins
96 Goose Feathers 6-8 ins
144 duck feathers 11cmx 1.5 cm aprox. These are diddy and i very much doubt I'll use alot of these but they are handy for the smaller area of the wings- I actually ordered these thinking they were alot bigger than what they were, my mistake or reading cm as inches....REMEMBER: check all your measurements before you comit to buy! (obvious or what...sorrry)

150-200 tinnny marabou feathers probs 1-3 ins

At the moment, i'mma sorting them out into lefts and rights then sooon i shall glue them on to the frame.....

Whooop! Added teh material to the base today. I love extra strong double-sided tape. next stop, feathers 8D

Tunic has been well and truly finished. Now just to focus on my wings...RAWREASHFDJGHFJKN...Hopefully I can get this done in time with just 2 weeks to go. I have all the materials to hand and have finished the main structure for them so just need to attach the feathers. :3

:3 yup, made a start on the tunic pattern. Just need to sew it all together! Nearly there....SO EXCITED NOW. Also, first lot of feathers arrived (daww they is so fluffy and turquoisey bluuuue)

Will upload some piccie soooon? :3

It arrived yesterday *so excited* Its a besutiful colour! Will upload pics asap. :3

Have been purchased...surprisingly all from Ebay, from the UK and reasonable cheap. I did check out other companies that have come highly recommended for wing making but the cost of getting the wings from them was extremely high. One site required a minimum of £50 ordering and the feathers I wanted, the min order was £130per Kg 1500 large feathers aprox. and the min KG order for the particular feathers was 2.5kg Certainly not bad price in the longrun but I couldn't afford that much up front niether did I wish to be left with THAT many feathers that I won't use after ordering. 3000 feathers be ALOT of feathers for the size of wings I am making. Yarr

So hat is complete! YAY
and Snowflake trousers complete! DOUBLE YAY!

This is a verrrry good start. :3 Might even be completed BEFORE Expo! 8D

Gah...Handsewing hurts like hell...

Currently attaching the black fabric mask to the hat. Its on a wire frame too at the top and at the bottom and is being attached to the hat. Its just a pain in the arse to sew though as its going through 2 layers of the hat material and around the wire/black fabric lol

Will upload pics when its done. x x ttfn x x


Here is a picture of the hat frame. After cutting and attaching the pieces together, I went round the edges with Black Wire tape which I had left over from Axel's Chakrams. It just helps protect from any sharp edges that I may have missed as well as make the joins an iddy-bit stronger.

Hat Progress is going well. Will hopefully have it finished by the end of this week (Won't say I will definatly as if I do then it won't happen, lol.) but yes. All is good. The fabric for the top and brim has been cut out so is ready to sew and have twine/rope to tie up the top (and my legs together hurhurrhurr)...Gah not done much but so excited in getting this costume finished! :3

p.s Chicken wire is a bitch to work with sometimes. *cries*

Made start on the costume yesterday. This is for the hat brim frame, beautifully modelled by my friend, Twon. Doesn't look like much but then is not a bad start considering it was after a couple of glasses of wine. Its just made with wire atm but will be strengthened shortly, then the fabric sewn on over the top and attached to the centre piece. I plan to make the headmask and the hat as an all-in-one piece similar to how Quina was made only with less bubble wrap and more breathable, safe fabrics....LOL :3

More Progress to follow soon x x x ttfn x x x

I ordered the perfect wig from Ebay about a week ago....I'm slightly worried now though because of all the plane problems, im wondering if it would effect it being sent. Been a bit silly really in buying it so late as I've so much to do for it. *hopes she can get it done* Why must I pick cosplays with awkward hair dos....WHYYYYYYYY!

Boobage shape is complete. Also the sleeves have been lined, just need to line the jacket and attach said sleeve to it then its ready for the little details to go on. =^______________^=

Basically started this a few days ago. Gosh its so exciting and I feel really sad because of it but I DON'T CARE lmao :) I love making cosplays and Ryoko is one of my favourite characters EVER so yeah.


I started by mocking up a pattern out of scrap material. From making the jacket for Lisa Basil, I was able to construct shapes from that which will piece together nicely for Ryoko's.
Next I cut out the shapes and hit the sewing machine. (Liturally, at one point....stupid thread...) so that part is all done. Will need to line it and hem. It also needs shaping as well as shortening at the front but I will not do that until I have the purple ribbon to attach to it and can work out where that will go.

The sleeves have been cut out including the top part which will be puffed out and gathered to get the "frouff" effect lol, so no problems there.

I've also started work on the tunic. The basic shape has been cut out. That didn't take as long to do as I already had a pattern for it from an exsisting pattern I had used recently for a friend's cosplay. It needs shaping on the front into a v-shape (Whoop! Boobage) and adjusting but that won't take long :)

Its going all good so far! YAY =^____^=

Yeah. Pattern arrived and my impatient self was impatient and got started on this as soon as it landed on the doorstep. Only some fluffing bad news, not got quited enough material to do this so will have to grab some more. Its like a sleeve's worth that I need, which is spigginly annoying. The only other thing is that the fabric shop where I got it from doesn't seem to have any left in stock O_O


I'm hoping they get more in or that I can order some into store as that material is perfect and perfectly gorgeous. Though there is an alternative if that ends up being a fali option. There is another fabric that is similar in colour. It doesn't shimmer like the other one but it is shiney so wouldn't matter if it was for the side front/back panels rather than the other "more on show" parts of the pattern. PLAN B WHOOOOP!

Rigght. On a more positive note, my wig for Lisa arrived today (Thank ye Sammykins!) and I'm wearing it as I type. Its really nice to wear though it does need a little styling. The colours a bit darker than what I wanted it but unfortuantly this was the only one that thas the right length and style

Neeeep..Other than that, its perfect! :D

Part of this cosplay arrived in the post today :D

Ywahhhh...Kitacon, bring it on!!!

Yesh. Pattern for the jacket arrived yesterday....gosh its hugeeee! Has a pair of trousers pattern in it as well which I'm going to try too as they're very nice. Worked out that I've enough fabric to do this + Lining etc. *phew* The only thing is that its giving me a headache trying to work where/what part of the shapes to insert the stripes into. Tis quite confuselling as i'll have to seperate the pattern shapes/cut them up to insert the stripes.....neh.

Almost done with the main top too. Just need to work out the neck and attach the tie then its done.

Pictures will follow sooooooon :D

x x ttfn x x

Yup! Lisa is coming along nicely. The Skirt is complete and I'm half-way in completing the top. Had to make the pattern from scratch for the top and its mostly gone to plan, though I just need to work out what the fluff i've done with the sleeves and sort out the shape a bit more.... Just waiting for the jacket pattern to arrive now then as soon as the top's finished I can get started on that!

Basically. I'm not doing to much to this costume. Its the my "easy" costume of this year. I'm having the wig commissioned by the lovely DKid http://dementedkid.webs.com/
The most work I'm doing is going into the chakrams which are unbelievably fun to make! :D

To make these I used:
6 newspapers for Skeletons. Rolled and taped into shape
More tape
More Newspaper shredded
Masking Tape
White craft card
oh and Scissors....

...then smooshed it all together into Chakram shape. It was basically a trial and error thing as I was going to use a foam method which I saw a tutorial for but it was to cold to go out on the day I decided to make these and I was too impatient to wait til the snow melted.

To get the shapes and to strengthen the skeletons, the small half-circles were made by twisting two pieces of rolled up newspaper together, taping and then attaching it to the main circle. The main circle was two folded newspaper halves taped together.
Once the skeletons were made I cut out shapes from the card which were scored down the middle then stuck to the base (*see attached picture!) The scored bit gives it the 3D effect that the Chakrams seem to have. Then join all the card shapes together with a load of masking tape. Once that was done, I attached the spikes which were made in a similar way to the card shapes. (scoring down the middle etc.) Making sure there were two of everything for each side of the chakram, giving it the 3D-ness.
Next was the papermache made with strips of newspaper and a flour + water paste. Not to liquid or too thick...just nice and gloopy...and messy. :D It drys much harder than pva mix and for some reason when i do the old Art Attack mixture my mache always goes flakey and bleruurg so tried out this method. Good ol' Nan for recommending it!! :D

3 layers later then its ready to paint...



The patterns mostly cut out now, just need to start sewing it together. Feels great now its actually real pieces of material and not just a floating image bouncing around in me noggin.

The pic is the start of the top part which is ready now to be sewn. :D Also done the brown "underskirt" as well. Nwahhahaha. I'm so excited bout this now.


It needs stitching round and attaching to the jacket (so not really complete but neh. I'm excited about it) Its all lined and ready to go though. Just need to do sleeve 2

x ttfn x


Made a start on this cosplay! :D

The first part is complete. i.e the basic dress (with pink bits). Today I cut out the basic sleeve shapes and stuff. Just need to figure out the collar and the horns. But all will be good :D

x ttfn x



Finished Roxas' Jacket today......then I drop my paint brush on it leaving Black paint splodges all over the back....NOT A HAPPY BUNNY.

I hope it'll come out. The checkers are all set so shouldn't wash off if I give it a good scrub...cam't believe that happened though :(

Well. Roxas is pretty much done for no more than £14. The zip-up black top was something I had already thanks to an old work uniform :) and I've the perfect trousers which just need amending. WOOhoOO!

Got the material for the trouser bottoms monday, the jacket is almost complete (save for a few bits and pieces) plus the wristband, finger things and necklacethingymawotsit arrived the otherday. So its all good to go.

Just got to finish the race for life in July dressed as Princess Peach then I can use Peach's wig for Roxas (woohoo saves time and money!) It'll be a while yet til I cosplay as her again so I can always style her another wig at a later date.

Will upload pics soon once I've got my bluetooth adaptor back from the deep dark depths of my bedroom......

x ttfn x

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