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I was intrested in cosplay when i was 11.I got interested in cosplay when i went to a convention in glasgow and saw a woman dressed as catwoman(Also someone dressed as a samurai).What i most enjoy about cosplay is that you can just about be anyone and you test your skill every time you creat somthing new.My proudest moment and achievement was finishing MY G.O.D Hiroto kimono suit (VERY hard because i hand saw)I hope to improve my skill.Any advice on inproving my skill is very welcome.

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Ok i just started the Iga Bakama(Hakama)trousers,Getting the pattern made made was madening
kimono pattern was easy to get,Just starting on the Kote pattern(Arm armour)
mask(Shinobi zukin)will be more simple

ok so its done(happy face),stoping and starting it only took a week,so on to the sleevless jacket,then the rope belt,hakama,and then finaly the over jacket,

ok ive done the lineing soaked it in tea boiled it for about an hour,looks aged rathere well,bit patchy in bits but thats what i wanted,the sleves are black but ive aged the miterial with bleach making them look gray in bits,just need to sew the sleves on and thats that for the liening,aready did the outside a couple of days ago,

i did not keep a very good record of this cosplay but it was truly worth all the agrow i caused me to make it,the day of the collector mania convention 2010 was where i doned it,it was a great day i must say meet spice at the con and meny otheres to tommy,simon ect,the best part of the exsperance was meeting so meny otheres who share the love of this hobby,my hart gose out to all who participat in this truly uneek and somtime crazy method of exspration

right so i have just got started on this im doing the under kimono at the moment,basicaly its a standerd male kimono,white pollycotton mix i think cant rightly rememder,has a pure white lineing,once finished will soak it in tea for three or four hours giving it an aged look,

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