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Though it is super fun to cosplay, I dont have the skills to make the super duper elaborate ones, so I stick to simple and cute ones.

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So I finished my goggles and shoes so everything was going well, I cut the material for teh jacket and hat...and then I made the mistake of trying to use teh sewing machine myself (I get my mum to sew for me lol)
fucking sewing machines, I cannot use them D:

and then i ran out of thread, and the jacket looks HORRIBLE.

thismakes me SAD.

So, I don't think I used this website at all last year, which is a shame really, Its always nice to look at other peoples cosplays and work in processes. Hopefully going to use teh site more often again.

Okay so onto this remake of my thief cosplay from Disgaea 2/3. And probably would have been 4 too, but alas, mister PS3 is broken and I cant play the games :(

To be part of the Disgaea group at amecon 2012 after an invite from mike, cosplaying mid-boss ^^

and so we broke the only sewing machine needle we had. so much for getting most of the work done today.

So far I have managed to run our of white fur material for the ears, so I only have one made. And I dislike the tail. I just hope that once I have everything all done and together, it will be a half decent cosplay.

I started making the boots. erm yeah.
I got some buttons from ebay for the jacket and gloves. then i looked at the images again...and i'm short 2 buttons. and the seller doesnt have more. gah.

Starting on the hat/ears in 2 weeks, since I cant do anything next week, 38 hour week at work JOYS

So i have fianlly gotten around to start actaully making this. I have had some of the stuff for a while (like the hat and boots ready to customise) but today I fianlly bought some super soft fleece like material for the ears and am now starting on the boots. However I dont have any toggles yet, I may have to make them, somehow.

You know, I'm rather looking forward to this, and expo. even if so few people I know have even heard of klonoa.

RIGHT its now complete!
I DID take a photo of the top, but...it was terrible, ic ant even edit it to look presentable. so you will have to wait til Ame to see it/get photos.


I mean fail. the paint ran through teh cheap ass thin fabric and I generally cant paint anyways so this is UBER messy ;_;

but who cares, its done and finally have another cosplay ready for amecon.

bring on the lulz!

oh gosh, I LOVE this damn ginger wig, its so sexy LOL.

so near to finishing now! just need to sort out the mittens which attach to the sleeves...meaning i have to take off the entire thing if i need to take the mittens off...and the bikini! kay how exciting.

still hate how my stomach looks though, but with boobs hopefully people wont notice? LOL

so today I started on nell, i have made her base mittens (though forgot to put them on in the photo, and cba getting another photo), made her headband thing, cut the shorts (too much thoguh, at teh back there is actaully a hole DX luckily the coat thing will cover that, but still, fail on my part), and started her jacekt.

the jacekt needs shortnening to match the shorts, and make the sleeves and weird top bit.

trying it all on before (no photo of that) i am having doubts I will be able to do this, OMG hate you stomache.

oh asuka I love you so. one of my favourite (if not the favourite) girl characters of all time. she is just so cute (and ginger ftw)

I cosplayed her at my first convention 2 years ago, and got bombarded with people asking for photos, i was so shy back then LOL. SO glad i am cosplaying her again, even if I have to wear a horrid lycra leotard which does nothing for my hips DX

I think they are my favourite part of the costume.
all that is left to do is the spines for the top of my head, a pink flower, and the potential for a moustache for JUMBO CACTUAR! dun dun duuuuuun.

also i have changed teh design ever so slightly. origianlly there was going to be armwarmers, but i opted for cufs instead. and teh legwarmeres were origianlly going to be attached to the dress, but it looked poo when I tried it.

and so my teddiursa gijinka is complete. it is rather cute, but weaing heels with it makes the skirt appear even shorter, im going to have to be careful LOL better get some little shorts or something to wear underneath just in case haha. and I have a matching bag, le woop.

my second pokemon gijinka cosplay, really looing forward to it, as last time when I was pikachu I had so much fun XD

so I have finally started on my cactuar cosplay for ame. i looove my bag. all that is left to do are my leg warmers, but i need more ribbon for that, and my hairband with spines.

today i finally found a suitable purple material for vaati. the cape material is slightly darker then i would have liked, but this is the first time since i thought of this idea that i have found the right purples (that wasnt lycra!)

and so in my excitement that i can do this cosplay, i thought i would see what my facepaint was like. never used facepaint propelry before so it was definately an experiment.

my photo skills are poor i know, that and the lighting in my house isnt great.

progress shot, dun dunduuuuun. the bikini top needs some adjusting (i need to get rid of the blue part) and the leggins need to ne cut to shorts.

wont be working on this til after uni now.

i hate dying stuff, the bra is too light and i think the pants may be too dark DX


even if technically iw ill be walking round in a bra all day XD

today i managed to get a lot of stuff for this cosplay
- managed to get some boots to customise
- got some leggings i am going to dye and make to shorts
- got the material for the jacket, bow and buckle things
- got the socks

i still need to find a bra that FITS. i cant even get a cheap ass one from primark as in size 32 they only go up to B apparently, and im a DD according to la senza. so yeah.

my wig should be arriving at the end of the month!

early, but im really looking forward to this cosplay, i have never seen any atleier iris cosplays before.

so here we have my materails all sorted, though i fogot to put the thread in the picture. and my ever so cute plushie *hugs it*

i wanted an epic girl cosplay for my 3rd amecon cosplay, but somehow decided on this instead. LOL.

i just need to get some green shoes.

unsure whether to get a green wig or not.

i found a wig that i think might work, that goes on ebays tomorrow for just over a fiver, so hopfully it will work. i know this is really early, but i proper want to do this one (more then kouga or any other recent ideas, and my mum thinks its cute too ahah - she helps me sew as i fail at it)

i want my other amecon cosplays to be girls damnit!

so i fainlly started the sleeve pattern. i didnt really plan this part very well, so each part of the pattern is a separate bit of material, and its being hand sewn. the image shows it pinned onto one arm, the only sew bits are teh circle at teh top and the cuff. messy hand sewing is messy. but yeah its alright for a first attempt =D
hope to finish it sometime tomorrow.

this material i got a while ago, for no actual purpose, teh reason i got it was coz its all fluffy and i liked the softness of it. it was like just an off cut so i thought what the hell. and now it has a use!

first time making a bag like this s its pretty shit, but good at teh same time. yellow material, red stitching and a black strap. yay pikachu colours =D

haha my mums so cool for helping me with all this XD

i found my old pikachu watch XD!
my nan got me this when she went to hong kong around when pokemon was first out over here and it was all the craze. and she got me plushies too which i still have, they are sooo cute XD
duno if i will wear this, but thought id share itwith you guys =D

im going to do a casual cosplay for the day before aya, along with ellie who will be casual canada.

my idea is simple, red shirt (open) with a longsleved white or black (depending which looks best, probs white) tshirt undeath the open shirt. and jeans.
the res shirt wil have his logo painted on the back like his red coat. and i will be wearing the necklace that i got free when i ordered teh costume *points to photo*

this is how its looking so far
got my tamiko demon ears on too ahah.

today me and mum are finally making the rest for this cosplay.
we made the bag first thinknig it would be easiest...yeah fail. so im only going to have one instead of two.

the jacket were jsut about to start.


my image uploaded properly. no idea what was going on there 0_0
i deleted my old ones though so now i only have on image.
new images to follow once i have worn this at teh con :)

OMG for the love of GAWD upload my freaking image cosplayisland!!!!!!!!!!!
it wont do it, it keeps ul=loading a different image then the one i slect DX

they are totally different sizes LOL
but im not doing them again, i already did the left one twice.
aww i forgot to get a shot of them underneath, but ah well. i hope they dont fall apart ahah

mum and dad took the week off from their works, and so they have been out everyday walking, so now sewing this week :(

but i just need to make tamiko's bags, hat and jacket and its done. and finish the feet, but i can do that anytime.

also its been FAR to hot to do anything. the heat makes me al drowsey and dopey DX

messy hair is messy.

but yay, im pretty much complete with this outfit now i think =D
ts been fun wokring on this, i cant wait to wear it at aya!

i do hope i dont get pokeballs thrown at me. one friend has already said he would if he was there DX

i actually made this a while ago, but was too lazy to get a picture.
i originally got a collar from ebay cheap, but then realized it was nothing like ahah so i made this one myself

got a mans belt from poundland, then a large buckle from the market, and viola theif collar. it took me a while to decide how i would get it to fasten around my neck though. in the end i got soem ribbon attaced to teh back of the belt so i can tie it. the reason im holding it in the photo is coz i didnt want to tie it too much so ic ouldnt get it off haha

in other news, the person who was going to make the jacket has gone away for however long, leaving it in the hands of just me and mum. however gunstarvixen has come to the rescue and is sending me a pattern, and if all esle fails she said i could commission her to make it for me. shes so cool :)

i got some material today, which is awesome bright yellow, perfect for a pikachu dress. i also got some fabric paint and me and mum came up with the idea of how to make it.
this is going to be teh fist entirely made cosplay.
aww man i hope it goes well :)

my wig arrived today, so i just had to try it on, you know, as you do.
but..all the photos i took make me look evil 0_0

check it out, how to make furry feat, im going to see if i can use this for help in making the shoes for tamkio.
ijust need to find out where to buy the stuff :)

nearly complete, just need to do the backing board type thing.
messy hair is messy. jeez.

yesterday i went round town searching for a bow and arrow set and only found one which was £7 in toymaster.
then today not only do i find one right away, but its a set of TWO for £1.
i swear that wasnt there in poundland yesterday.
got some brown spraypaint too, so hopefully i can get them a nice brown colour, then im going to make pretty tail and an arrow head out of card

i thought i had everything worked out for this, what i need to do and buy etc.
but now looking back at images...i have made an error in what type of top she wears.
i origianlly thought she wore a boob tube, so in my fanart thats what i always draw, however it now seems to be more of a tshirt.
i will have to get bothe and see what works best.

omg its finished
first cosplay made by me (and my mum, she sewed for me coz shes cool)

costume is now on hold, and will be done for aya instead of kita due to lack of skills and time.

today me and mum made me a new link hat. it worked really well!
however then we tried to make the tunic...neither of us havent ever made any clothes before and..well lets jsut say it didnt work out. but i think for a first try it was alright.
so tuesday were off to the material shop yet again to get some more green (i must rememebr to take my hat so i get the same colour XD)

well kita is pretty damn soon now.
i really need to book train tickiets..but thats off topic
i made the belt today, so i think all i have left for ed really is to make the automail.
i have to remake the bits i already done also...as...my desk was all messy and they got sqwished :(

its NEARLY done!
totally aware its a bit lame, theres no detail whatso ever (well it IS made out of felt lol) and the sewing is just HORRIBLE but its all part of the amusingness of the prop

sheild to come soon XD

extra props that i have or will be making for my link cosplay
- master sword
- mirror sheild
- a bomb
- spoils bag
- joy pendant
- rupee bag
- a rupee

i hope to make them all for random props for photos =D

MAN PANTIES! lolololollololollololooollol

ahem. well i thought it would be amusing to wear male underwear under my cosplays as im being all boys. i wont be wearing these ones however, these were bought purel for comedy value, just look at them XD they are awful XD and lol at my face in this photo DX

like i did for my link cospay, i decided to try on everything together to see what it looks like. i still havent made teh jacket :( but my mum said she would help me after her holiday in february, and im sure we can do it =D

once the jacket is done i have this cosplay complete. i have all my acessories! i have my pikachu *points to picture*, and i also have a pokedex, kanto gym badges and some pokeballs XD

i thought id show off my outfit so far. not that i have made anything of this (apart from the hat and the spoils bag) but i hadnt tried everything on together so i thought i would do so before i go back to uni.

so um...what do you think of it so far?

and once again fear the craptastic photos by moi =D

so im trying to make the automail out of card. go me. ellie found me a website with patterns on, so thats what im following (http://www.amethyst-angel.com/automailpattern/)

um the photo sucks ass coz i took it LOL.

so yeah.

rock on.

my outfit arrived <333333

i adore it so! but the pants are too short, and so i will be sewing some materail onto the bottom of them to be tucked into the boots, once find them.

i also need to get some plain white gloves, a black vest, automail and a way to bind my not so small bewbs.

however i got a pocket watch too! it came with the cosplay outfit, even though it didnt say it was included! i was really happy LOL. it works and everything <3

maybe next week' i'll try on what i have and get a few photos, this week sint a good week for me ;_;

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