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I'm addicted to cosplay lol

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I've ordered all the fabrics including some shel lace which im hoping to dye from cream to white and ive also ordered 5000 crystals and a beautiful wedding jewellery set that was close to Ariel's wedding pearl earrings as possible

I started and finished my tiara today, wrote a blog about it here


I got my wig today and was playing around in it which was pretty fun. I start my tiara in the morning, i have all the craft foam and gems and such to start it. I am really looking forward to seeing how it all comes out :D I wanna make it as close to the Disney Store crown as possible (see pic)

Bought some purple fabric to make the cape and i ordered my pascal plush :)

I started my secret cosplay, well its secret atm coz i want it to be a big surprise. Its hard and very time consuming on me. I'm hoping that I've started this early that I will have plenty of time to complete it all before May to the standard I want it. I really want everyone who see's its to enjoy it as there is something for everyone....but seriously, it may be the death of me

The reference for my design is coming soon. I've drawn it all up i just need to ink it all on the computer :)

My spirit gum and remover plus all the makeup came but no brushes! So its all staring at me and i cant do anything with it atm :(

I got my liquid latex today! Yay!

My lil sis just came back off her mini holiday and shes bought me some fangs!! They're sooo cool. I cant wait to finish this

Had some trouble with the rings at the top of the dress, which i have sorted but ugh what a pain in the butt lol

My beads came today, they are so pretty and delecate. Very nice glass beads :D Although im not looking forward to sewing all 200 on lol

My wig came today, it needs brushing high as it got squished in the post but YAY!

My wig has been ordered, gone with the white as its manga accurate. I cant wait to cosplay her. Finally I will be cosplaying the girl who got me into anime in the very first place :D

Have just ordered my wig, I love it. Am gonna take all the bows out of it and add the silver streaks to the sides but its awesome

Have dyed the overskirt fabric and it sorta went grey/dark blue but i quite like it, with the organza over the top it looks black and u can see the pattern so its all good. Am gonna be sewing a lot of this together over xmas, hopefully will have done by mid January

Love my necklace. Had bought some shell earrings from a charity shop but when i saw the long sprial shell earrings in the shell shop where i live i had to have them and painted them gold straight away to match

Am surprised how many comments this costume has got so far so thankies everyone

Its time to dye the skirt fabric black. Have plenty of dye at the ready

so today im walking around town between jobs and i go into the charity shop and not only do i get white fabric so i can make the underdress but i find the perfect patterned material for the skirt.........except its the wrong colour. am gonna dye it though so that should sort that problem and i also found a ring! it was right by the till and it looks very similar to the one shes wearing and matches the necklace i already bought :D

Just bought my pattern, yay! Am gonna mod it to make it right, but can't wait to get started!! :D

Oh yes this is gonna be super epic, I've almost finished the top and some of the accessories. Just the bottom half to do really :D

I got my mask in the post, omg its so epic i cant wait to wear this costume. I think it'll be one of the best

so i was walking around where i live and going round the charity shops and i found the perfect necklace that would work really well with the dress. I was gonna mod it but i think it'll ruin it.......... stuck

I just ordered my mask from the studio, cant wait for it to get here :D

Have just been given a full sized shotgun so i dont have to buy one, just needs repainting but am well amped for this now!

i finished the dress the other night, now all i have to do is paint the pattern onto it tonight, hopefully it goes well and i dont mess up

started the dress, done the top half of it and bought the fabric paint the other day to put all the details on. I am just deciding what to do about the skirt, do i use a underskirt for poofyness or not

i went and bought all the fabric for this costume today and was super cheap as per usual :)

i also started work on the handbag for this project, i thought it might be fun (since this character loves shrimps) to have one as a handbag will post pictures up of it asap as it looks super cute and i love my shrimp handbag!!! <3

need red ribbon or red summit to finish this dress lol

I swear the dress started itself lol >_<

Just done all the hemming and the grey detailing on the sleeves, and man was it fiddly and annoying to do that

So i started to sew the white robe and to get it to where it is now its taken me 2 hours, tomorrow i shall put the detailing on the sleeves and see about getting some dye to do the material that needs changing :)

Just sat down to start the back armour :) need to get some straps for it but so far so good, i've also already lined up a weapon and the holster

Going out tomorrow morning to get the white fabric for the robes :) exciting

Taking advantage of the sunshine I sat out in the garden all afternoon at the garden table and painted EVERYTHING that needed painting, i'm knackered but i am well proud of myself. Just a bit to do with the pen and then i will have finished everything!! YAY!

still havent tried everything on together. Gonna do a photoshoot next week, health depending lol

OMG my wig arrived today, I am so happy with it, it feels so real! I wish i could wear it all the time, its so pretty. Love it <3

omg just ordered my wig! Can't wait am so excited! Wanna run around in circles screaming lol :P

well i started on my paper mache pieces for my costume, but ive hit a bit of a snag....ive run out of money!!! My wig will be ordered on friday this week but ive still got no money to get the small (but essential) bits to just finish off my cosplay...getting a little frustrated knowing the main bulk of the costume is finished but it wont b complete until i get the small things.

my sis loved her fabric, shes already turned it into her costume (well shes in the process of doing so)

so for now stuck in limbo :(

Well I still havent got around to doing any of my paper mache for this costume which kinda sucks but im kinda feeling lazy towards that part of the costume atm.

I got some more fabric today which meant i could make another essential item for this cosplay which is now done and i tried to make sure it would look ok :) Am really pleased with how it turned out. I now have that satisfying back ache that comes from hunching over your sewing machine all night making cosplay :P

Also while i was on my travels today i found the most perfect fabric for my lil sisters cosplay, its amazing...wish i could share it with y'all but i'm sworn to secrecy lol :P

been putting this off for a while....time to start me thinks

Just started putting the first coat on my sisters prop. is looking good. but now comes the back ache and the headaches from the paint lol :P

Well I finished most of my may costume. Which kinda sucks coz I'm a lil bored but gonna help with my sisters props. Done the main body of the costume etc just got a few finishing touches to do to it before its expo ready. Am really excited about this one. Can feel its gonna be a hit with peeps.

When I've got a bit more money I'm gonna order my wig but for now I can take a little rest lol :P hopefully this will be my first entry ever to the masquerade.

I finsihed my main prop to carry around and upon studying the ref pictures in more detail i see that i need to make some more props so when i get home today i need to make those. more paper mache needed, time for the glue headaches lol

Just started building my prop for this costume 2 days ago. Put another layer of paper mache on it yesterday and now its dry im gonna start assembling it today. Once thats done its time to paint. Just bought the paint so am ready to go

Started work on some of the little things for this costume. I started making the earrings for this, nice and green lol :P I've also cut my wig short and have started on sorting out styling it (has good ideas for this)

Wig got here! Cant wait to get styling after work today :D

Finished the staff yesterday, was fairly happy with the way it turned out :)

Paid for my wig yesterday, said it posted Monday so shud be here latest Thursday apparently :)

Just finished building the staff! Painting tomorrow! YAY!

I just had to cut my staff down or risk it being confiscated....not impressed

Starting making the staff as all can see.... had to stop for tonight tho, glue fumes starting to go to my head lol :P

Just got the main pole for my staff, tomorrow I can begin work on the making of it

I finally finished putting on the pattern to the skirt... only took me 3 hours per side!! ^^'

Got the skirt today, will spend the night putting the pattern onto it :D

Why did the skirt have to have a pink n red tartan pattern, material is impossible to find with that pattern so I came to the conclusion that I should just buy a skirt and sew the pattern on myself....hopefully not too much work lol :P Got a skirt anyway, should be here tomorrow...then I can start work on the pattern

Bit annoyed that i've come to a little bit of a halt. Cant do anything til friday now when i can go and buy the supplies for my staff...but until then it's sit around and twiddle my thumbs (which is never fun)

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