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I have a lolita dress that unfortunately I don't get to wear all that much! :( But this year I at least got to go to my first expo in Birmingham. We also had a themed party seeing as we were gonna go both days to Birmingham and do 2 cosplay's but then only went for one day.

Finished cosplays:
Memorabila/Comic Con - March 2012 - Chrome dokuro
Alice in Wonderland Themed Party - April 2012 - Alice
Pre-exam school themed Oriental Society Event - May 2012 - School Girl
London MCM expo - October 2012 - Sharon Carter and Lucy Heartfilia/Maid lolita/? (We're still deciding)
Halloween - October 2012 - Harley Quinn

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I have the top, shorts and wig, I just need the black belt, konoha headband and ribbon for the pattern! :D

The extensions wouldn't curl so I had to use makeshift curlers and a lot of product. Got there in the end! The back looked good as well I curled the ends upwards to get the flicks right! I sewed wefts into the wig to thicken it up. It was a lot of work and took many hours but I'm so glad I did it!

The company are being ok about it and have offered me a refund so hopefully it'll be ok. I have bought guns! They came in cheap holster things but we'll see maybe i'll make my own! The belt is coming along nicely my Dad had some spare leather! Not much left to do! :D

I've had trouble with the holster as it still hasn't arrived! The seller is re-sending it! So hopefully there'll be no more troubles. I've created a design plan for the belt and my dad's welding some metal for the buckle! The only problem is he keeps trying to take over the making of the belt! I was hoping to make this myself but we'll see! *sigh*

Not much left to do! I'm waiting for my wig to arrive! Then I got to style it. I'm also helping Smiley style his Natsu wig so I'll get plenty of practice! Wish me luck! I've also got to decide on a top but I'm being very picky! It needs to be something I'll feel comfortable in but I do want it to feel true to the character! The stockings are also proving difficult but we'll see!

Only took 2 mins I had left over cloak fabric and my dad had a suitable bell so just needed sewing. Done now! Just a few bits left to buy and a make up test left to do! :D

With much help from my dad the cloak has been finished! :D pictures will follow soon!

I've found some good references to the cloak, my Dad's taking me to buy materials tomorrow. I'm hoping it goes well, I've been given some good advice! Wish me luck!

Obviously there aren't any wigs in her style, so I'm thinking of buying a short layered one and adding extensions for the longer bit. Will be a challenge but I look forward to experimenting! :D

I'll upload a picture soon! It fits although it's very fitted so I'm a bit nervous about wearing it to expo but it should be fine!

Bought a catsuit that looks right! It should be all good! But need to try it on and see! Just shoes, holsters and belt to sort! :D

They're thigh high black boots with no heel so hopefully will be okay to wonder round expos in if I decide to take the costume to an expo. They're available in red if I decide to cosplay Harley with different coloured boots. But I need to check they fit and I'm thinking I need to save money. I'm still waiting for my top to arrive and the skirt I was gonna get is now out of stock. There are 2 other pleated skirts I have my eye on but they might be very short and one's very expensive for what it is! I had a thought about where I can find one so I'll check there first.

My corset has arrived and it's lovely! Not strictly true to the game but this is my interpretation. I also may have had an interesting idea about the hair but I'll let you know how that goes!

My hair extensions arrived! My hair's too short for her hair and growing it would take too long! My hair's so thick I keep it short. I have a skirt possibility, keys possibility. I found the perfect top but it's not in my size. And to add to that we are not 100% definitely doing fairytail. So we'll see how things work out!

I may have found a solution to my Harley Quinn bra problem without having to buy anything else. I was looking at cutting together 2 bikini tops but finding the same top in red and black was proving difficult and/or expensive. I bought 2 bras, one red one black, from Ann Summers because the fit is good and I needed new bras. But then I had a thought, what if I just wore them both at the same time, just cross them over in the middle to give one red one black without cutting up a brand new bra. And it actually works, luckily it's plunged enough in the middle to allow cross over and keeping it fitting. I'll have to see how it looks with the top before I decide if it's ok or not. And a second opinion would be great!

Or just get some punky black boots and not worry about having different coloured boots? I want to make this look good without spending a small fortune, but will I ever wear red boots again? I dunno! Eurgh! Need to decide at some point!
Oh I also have been thinking of hair ideas, mine's quite short so I need hair extensions for my lucy cosplay, but I may be able to use them for the pigtails if i put them in the other way? Hmmm we'll see! Other options are clip in pigtails but we'll see!

I'm using a bit of artistic license and doing the arkham asylum version but in black and red, rather than blue and red. It's easier! And black's a more traditional harley colour anyway! I have most of the top part sorted! Underbust corset and white top with nurses hat. I've found a black and red bra cover thing but its not in stock at the mo. I also need white skirt, belt and boots but I have plenty of time. I just had an opportunity to get the top cheap! Thought I might as well get it!

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