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Grimmjow - Bleach

Cosplay : http://www.ecrater.co.uk/p/15263806/bleach-grimmjow-cosplay-costume?keywords=grimmjow

Mask :


Wig :


im saving up for a moi meme moitie dress of his line that will work for Mana :)



£14.41 free shipping


$79.99 + $35.00 shipping (worldwide shipping)



£12.46 with postage and packaging.



£60.47 Free Shipping



Buy plain white corset, and paint with acrylic paint (gold)

Just ordered the ring and belts for Shoichi
can't wait til they get here :D

Saw some ears in costume shop in town XD NEED to get and customize and paint and work on :)

Get some Canvas Belts like this one

Okay this is pretty much done but its gonna take a lot of time and money to do the black wings...
this is gonna be put on hold until i get money lol

I have a new and better wig i can use for misa now..
so she's back in business :)
I can be MISA MISA again!

okay this is basically done, just need to do shoe covers... and some touching up.. maybe re do the claws too <3

Okay most of this is done im just waiting for the costume to arrive <3

I got the wig already, surprisingly it arrived before i expected it to.
quite quickly too.
I'm just waiting for the costume i ordered to arrive now.

I unexpectidly have most of the stuff i need to do yuuta <3 yay ^_^

I will get round to doing some piccies sometime of progress...

Okay the dagger is pretty much done but I've been having problems with the mask...

Finally have a Koaru now! <3
Being Hikaru and Koaru at alcon.
Most likely saturday..

Ouran sleepover/party happening sometime as well XD if anyone would like to comeee <3

I'm also running the ouran group for Alcon... so again XD if anyone wants
to join..please do=]

justhewaydrmademe is my kaoru! :D <3

Me and a few freinds decided we wanted to do a Battle Royale group
have yet to decide whether its going to be manga version
or movie version.
I dont really mind I like both. hehe

We are going to...
Have the necklaces/chokers around our necks, be covered in blood and bruises and cuts XD etc..
and have lots of weapons and guns XD and stuffs..
we are also going to have a hospital bit, like a first aid area...
(its a bar) that makes you feel better and will boost your health XD we're going to have a sexy nurse :D
give the 'shot' or 'shots' when you need them.
We will also have a map and stuff like that for the event, and a megaphone dude shouting out the danger zones.

Wine glasses
Blood (cherryade for wineglasses)

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