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actually my sister got me started , she knew how to sew and i was interested in cosplay like for almost a year , and one day we said , lets give it a go :3

i enjoy the fact that for one day you can be a complete different person ^^
and ofcourse wearing beautifull thing that would never be accepted as daily clothes ^^

my proudest moment was when i saw the pictures of my "salvatore" cosplay , i went like "waauw is that me" , i felt then that i just went up a level in skills ^^

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this is what i already have of progress :D

somehow this cosy and easy costume just sticks with me ^_^
i will be remaking everything and i'll be using different fabrics for the dress and also get myself a better quality of fur for the ears and tail .

so the day after i wore this costume... i had a great time and now i know how the experience is and what breaks easilly ! with this newfound info in mind i will add pieces and upgrade her ! got some cool things in mind in how i can make this costume even cooler. for now this stay's a work in progress , except for the painfull heels i loved every moment <3

my legs will suffer from wearing the gear but i think it looks really neat :D

i finally styled her wig out of a plain straight long wig and i must say i really hate drill curls with a passion , its still not perfect and the base wig needs some trimming , but i am happy with it , my sisters catherine(succubus) wig was tons more easy to style due to it being a curly wig ( who would have thought XD ) lets hope for the con that the drull curls wil stay in place ! :D . other than that i just need the shoes and i'm done with this outfit :3

i was pretty productive
like stated work in progress , i will ad some more details to it :)

so i made gear for around my hips :D
i stil need to make so much more >_< but im getting there nicely :D

the pieces that come near her chest are done ! its small but its progress :D

20 sheets ( !!!) of craftfoam and 5 hours of working later i have this to show... it doesnt really encourage me allot since everything needs to be covered with paper mache & painted & detailed , and i need to make a heck of allot more gear still >< thank god this isnt really planned for a con yet XD

ok so i'm already experimenting with making her extra gear, it will be based of images and a bit ( or allot )of own creative work :)

*limeted option traveling has made me come to realize that i might have to change allot of the gear to make sure it can get safely to the con...which i dont mind cause i will make sure its visually interesting to see even though i might not get it uber big and impressive, what worries me is that the fans of the game might not like it...

what a great day of cosplay progress :D
gonne finish her well ahead of the deadline XD
need to add allot of details but got the basic sorted ^^

progress !
i bought my shoes for asuna ( no way i'm gonne walk bare feet on a convention >< )
also i finished the part that goes over the top but made it a bit too big so need to alter it again.
things left to do is finish the upper skirt and make the straps for around her feet ^^ .

to celebrate my holiday i decided to work a bit on asuna XD
i made the arm thingies and her hairpin ^^

18'th april
finished the long skirt ! :3
next up i'll tackle the arm pieces :D
( here a picture of the costume what i made so far , on me )

i am proud to show you my hard work so far ( and the items i purchased so far )
the top was a pain in the ass and i feel like its not good enough >< i will see what i can adhance about it since i really want it to be accurate
still got loads to do but i am happy so far ^^

undercorset is done , and i am verry proud of myself , i never made a corset :3
so much to do so little time :c

i quit work early cause i felt like doing a make-up/wig test , i am verry happy with how i cut the wig , and i'll tone my make-up a little bit down ( i looked like barbie >< )
the colour of my wig is sadly much brighter than in this picture :c

i worked on the black corsety thingy and the black piece underneath^^
only less than 2 weeks to go , i need to get done ;^;

yes a verry productive day , i made juliets wrist band and her hair elastics out of a nice cotton

i haven't been sitting still :D
i kinda let myself down cause i wanted to have all fabric bits done since newyear :c i'll need to step up my game if i want it done ^^
but proud of what i have so far ^^

hooray my little cape is done <3 really am happy with the results since its first time making a cape and hood :3

not really added anything on the costume , but a big focus on the make up i will be wearing <3
make up truely makes a huge difference and verry content with it ( the blonde wig helps too XD )
come on wigs and lila stretch !!! i want to work on this costume further ! :3

yaaay , aded the middle part , looks more like it now ^^
the white little band thingy on my chest is just there to resemble the character a bit more ^^ , will be done in the propper lila colour when i manage to find it XD

( excuse the derp & non make up XD )

ok a little progress of the body of this costume
i'm quite proud of what i have so far ,i had a huge error in the middle part of the costume and had to get that back of , going to redo the middle part ( even though i wanted it to be out of 1 piece ><" )
now to find the perfect shade of lila in time :3

little progress again of the costume , i added all the green parts on the costume, made about 90 % of the boots and loosing weight again <3 going absollutly great ! .
still need some work , but hoping to finish this in 2 weeks ( hope my fur will arive here on time >< " ) i'm super excited to wear the whole costume when its done <3

sewed the white bits on the opper arm ( with lots of swearing XD )
and also made the belt for eris , im happy with the belt even though the grey leather is prolly a bit too dark ><

wearing my new wig for eris aswel :3 ,i'm verry happy with how i look in this ( aiming to loose a bit of wheight for this costume though ^^" )

awnser : ofcourse it does...its a butt-pose XD

anyway , sewed the white upper part onto the body ( was murder )
its nowhere near perfect lookig , but i didnt do an all bad job
Also sewed the zipper on the back :)

Will need to hurry up for kita though ><

these are the lenzes i ordered <3

first time working with stretch and i did a pretty good job with it OO
i got the red base (body ) ready to cut out some parts to add the white she has in her costume :3
i'm verry happy with the progress so far ^^
ordered wig also and waiting to find a good pair of contacts ^^

yes remade the bows and their finally on the costume :3
still got tons to do on this one but its really coming allong <3
next up is probably finishing the boots !

ok peeps , got the suit but due to it being shiny n stuf ( and way to tight ><" ) i'll prolly be wearing this more in the evenings ^^
but i'll still cosplay julia , but in her trenchcoat :3
not letting my group down ! :3

ok , i wasnt really re-making this, but with the new wig i have i think it will look great on me ^^
so iprovments done on this costume are :
- new wig
- improved the ears
- new contacts

results will be seen in the upcoming photoshoot ^^
will be wearing this again for kitacon III friday morning ^^

just bought them on ebay ...they better be worth my 35 € ...=_=
hate how some items cost so much and is just a "detail" ><"

ok , panties are made ( yes i'm still working on this outfit XD )
setra is 100% done aswell ^_^

now for the bad parents accidently threw away my leg straps =_=
so these will be re-made ! , need to hurry since i have les than 2 months for this cosplay ^^"

goddamn wig arrived and it was not what i wanted at all , send it back and hopefully get a refund...
goddamn all that excitement for nothing ><
but on beter note , saw a wig that with styling and cutting could be perfect :3

wel today i kinda made myself take progress pictures cause i had put on the costume yesterday and i felt so bad and so unhappy in it.
now after the pictures i kinda see that it aint all that bad ^^" , that it was just prob between my ears that i looked that horrible ^^

so with some pride i present to you my pictures ^^

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