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I first started cosplaying in 2011 when my housemate introduced me to conventions. Since then I've been improving my skills as a professional seamstress and as a cosplayer.

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Created a pattern for the bodice of the dress. I experimented with a few meters of voile I had spare and created a circle skirt for it. Im really pleased with the drape that resulted. I thought I might have to use a lot of fabric but 6 meters will be enough.

A friend of mine will be making the moon rod for me. It's going to be full body length, white gold and Red with possibly a clear orb. Can't wait!

Somehow managed to get tutu majoritly finished for amechibi. I think overall I'm happy with the bodice, I might add some decoration around the bust and the zip needs fixing. I like how the Feather headpiece looks but yes it needs a crown, might experiment using foam to make it. The skirt although I love the look of it was far too big. Im going to cut the layers down and hopefully shift some of the weight off the hoop so it sits more upright. I love the fabric, all it needs is some trim around the hem :-)

I've spent a good 6 hours today sewing together the tutu. I gathered each layer, ironed it flat then pinned it to the panty before sewing. Managed to get 4 out of 10 layers done! The next layer will have a channel sewn in to hold the hoop which will make the whole thing stand up, like a pancake hopefully. My sewing machine currently looks like it's sporting it's own tutu lol

Made the necklace today. I used bright pink sculpt, gold wire and coloured plastic sheets. I'm not completely happy with it since its messy with glue but it will do considering the time I hv left. I'll remake it at a later date

Cut out 2 layers of cotton drill for each of my bodice pieces and I've now started joining them together with a basting stich. I've used 2 layers of cotton drill not only to make the bodice stiff but to allow channels to be sewn to slot the boning into. I've chosen plastic boning so the bodice is more comfortable.

I've sewn the elastic onto the panty now but what I've really spent all day doing is creating the bodice pattern from scratch. I used the most recent measurements of myself and recreated a basic bodice block. The bodice needs to be super close fitting so I can't use past blocks or old measurements incase I've gained or lost even the tiniest bit of weight. From the basic block I created my own bodice pattern which was inspired by a 6 piece classic bodice pattern on I still have some adjustments to make. After I created the bodice pattern I suddenly found I needed to lose a couple of inches off the back panel even though the basic block fitted me great lol but I can't wait to finish!

Got my ballet shoes and ribbon yesterday, I'm so happy! I've got a little confession that I've always wanted to be a ballerina. I decided to go for slippers instead of point shoes, this is because I've never danced before and attempting to go on point could be dangerous.

Cut the fringe of the wig I brought from coscraft

Started work on the panty today. The back piece looks really big lol but once the 2 pieces are together it looks much more in proportion. Next step is to sew on the elastic and start drawing on where I'm going to attach the 10 layers of tulle!

shoes made from leather using medieval methods. Reference for San's shoes.

Reference photo for San's necklace, an african bone and bead necklace.
Made with Heishi beads.

gigaku mask, stylized wooden mask worn by participants in gigaku, a type of Japanese dance drama. Gigaku masks are the first known masks used in Japan and among the world’s oldest extant masks.
Unlike most Japanese masks, the Gigaku masks fitted around the whole head and face. They were made either of painted wood or kanshitsu, a combination of hemp cloth and lacquer. They often had hair attached.
The majority of masks are carved from wood
and are painted with a layer of lacquer, and most are primed with a kaolin clay cover with polychromatic pigments.
In many parts of the world, it is colored pink-orange-red by iron oxide, giving it a distinct rust hue. Lighter concentrations yield white, yellow or light orange colors.
Shadings, and black outlines around the features heightened
the drama of the mask.

Red Color Symbolizes war, blood, strength, energy, power and success in war paint but might also symbolise happiness and beauty in face paint.
Red - Red clays containing oxides of iron, roots, berries, barks and beets. The Lachnanthes plant commonly known as redroot native to eastern North America Redroot and also used as red war paint. When the root is crushed it "bleeds" a reddish dye. Bloodroot plants are also used to produce red war paint. Red was predominately used for painting because of its availability.
Native American Indians prepared the paint which was then dried and stored as a powder. The paint powder was kept in deerskin pouches which could be carried with them.
Native American Indians first smeared their bodies with buffalo or deer fat and then rubbed on the paint. To add additional power the paint might be applied by the Medicine Man. War paint was applied with the fingers, animal bones, sticks or grasses. Plains Indians used a spongy bone from the knee joint of the buffalo which held paint just as the modern fountain pen holds ink. Chiefs and elders often worn different colors to their inferiors.

Okay so I've sewn my way through 7 layers of fabric and netting and the petticoat is nearly completed. So proud of myself, its looking really good. Now to just sew however many meters of ruffled ribbon on for trim and I'm done :)

Experimented making madoka's arrow using pink plastic, shiny metallic card and shiny pink metallic card. It looks the park but is very floppy. I'm gonna have to find a way to stiffen it.

I managed to grab some free wicker from my uni workshop today, it was disgusting! It had been soaking in water to soften it for use but had been kept outside for months and the water had gone horrible. I cleaned it, stuck it in the shower with the water running, cleaned it again then ran anti-bacterial wipes over it lool it was worth the effort though because i made the bow structure today. I took 3 pieces of wicker and twisted them round each other, leaving the top end loose. I then fastened it together at the ends with string and made the bow string. Now just to let it dry :)

I talked to puppeteer Sean Myatt today and got loads of different ideas of how i could make the puppet inuki. One puppet he showed me from a production of his dark materials was of a spirit leopard. The puppet had no legs and was held at the head and bum. I got thinking about materials too. Sean told me that the materials i make it out of can give it character. I'm thinking about possibly using tissue paper around bent wicker or loads of scraps material tied into knots for the fur, maybe paper. Time for some experimentation i think :)

So the wig is taking alot longer then i thought. For anyone who thinks that they might do this, its a very long and fiddly process lol I finally cleared my desk today after coming to realise that the floor isn't the best place to work and masking taped my polystyrene head to the desk. After adjusting the pillow to the most comfortable position i had to get out of it anyway to work on the lower parts of the wig, which meant kneeling on the floor lol thinking i should probably start looking for fabrics now.

Wig from the side with wefts taken off

To save myself a bit of money i'm going to alter a long pink wig that i already have, i've never experimented with wigs before so should be fun!

I've taken off all of the wefts off the back of the wig, they're pointing downwards and I need them to point upwards to form into ponytails. I've left the side burns, the top wefts and fringe on because they don't need to be change and I left the very bottom wefts on because I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with those yet :)

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