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The costume is apparently in the post now n___n and will only take a week to get here yeeeey! ~

I don't no if it's because it's winter or what, finding knock off converses that are long enough and white are a pain!!! >___<

I'm really sorry ahah! I have most of the pieces now that need to be focused on, taking t-shirt to an alternation shop to get sorted on Monday.

The dress managed to get a tiny hole near one of the button holes, of course I'm scared to sew it myself in case it's still noticable so I'm taking it to get sorted along with my Jill t-shirt.

Just finished them yey! Progress pictures will be up tomorrow ^___^ so proud with how they've turned out like

I totally forgot to write that the pants I bought were really good quality but too big as they were made for a man ¬__¬. So instead of being left with pants I was very un-happy with I sent the pants back and got refunded, I now after searching so much which believe me is so hard to find blue cargo pants found the perfect pair. BUT I have no money... I am tempted to buy them soon though.

My God the boots I bought are terrible quality, I managed to get the loop strap off no problem. It's left some little sewing marks but there un-noticeable if your not close up but the strap itself. The idiot's in the factory who makes the boots glued the strap down near the top so when I pulled it open it also brought some of the paint off. ¬___¬ And when I cut the strap off I couldn't cut it down to the root so it looks like a mess! I am thinking of buying red paint to colour the white bits and I think it will look ok!

The wig came back battered a bit ahha! Also it was way to heavy for my head so I've added hair extension clips and made the bangs more up XD It looks a bit better but it still is so heavy >___<

Finally got my ass to take my dress and jacket to get altered lol.

Jacket is at a different shop as the first place I went couldn't do button holes ¬_¬

Dress is getting tightened and the pink bias tape is getting re-added to the straps, the straps are going to be completey pink so then I can re-use the dress for KH Aeris in the future ^___^

God almost a year ago I started this and I WILL get it finished :3

Bought a tie clip today and going to buy some red fabric to try and attempt to make the bow and add the red square on the white shirts they wear ^__^

Also found a better wig believe it or not :\

Emmy (fairyporchqueen) is making my bow for me as I've told Demented kid not to bother as she already has my necklace and wig to do XD

and I have to say the bow looks amazing already! I also bought two more buttons today so I'll have to put them on which I'll probably do in a moment :3

Going to get some buttons this Thursday, I'm quite annoyed because the shop I got them from might be closing down so if it's closed down by the time I get there will have to buy a totally different button set ¬_¬

My pants look awesome, I think there a bit baggy around the legs but they will do :3 Kitsune Cosplay UK, have gladly stepped in and said they will do the armour as I don't have a clue where to start with that! So happy ^___^

was waiting for ages for a certain pair of army pants to come in stock on ebay and they finally did :3 bought them today, for a UK seller so should be here shortly, will take photos when they come with the full thing so far :3

Found some perfect belts to be used for the legs of the suit, only problem buckles aren't silver so will need to paint them or w.e

So now I basically have all the small bits and pieces to get altered altogether, so hopefully after hair extensions this might happen sooner than I thought.

I'm finding it hard to find good quality navy blue army pants, because all of them on e-bay are expensive but look really thin. Also it looks as if it's the same image on each seller, so I'm a bit mmm about it. I think if I go one day to my local market, which has an army stall on, I might look at the pants there so at least I can get ones that definatly fit and such. Also if I buy my watch now, which I might do, I can take that to the market to get the brown strap put on while I get my pants :P

Sorry for the lack of updates and such, been to Cambridge again for the week to see my lovely boyfriend <3

The other top that came looks better, quality is also awesome so hopefully through the week the seams might get done :3

Recieved one of the tops today, which is the one I most prefered because it's ribbed. But it's a bit too tight, so if I add the princess seams it will be way to small :|

So waiting for the other one to come now

I'm currently bidding on two blue t-shirts, one ribbed and one plain. I am going to try and experiment on one of the less liked ones with the seams :3.

I'm also hopefully buying the pants on Friday!

After reading about the new Silent Hill: Shattered Memories story.

It has really got me angry and has made me want to remake my Lisa costume better, this is because I want to show how much better the original game was.

I am actually really angry to what they've done, sorry SH who aren't, but I just don't get how it can make sense to any of the other SH games out. Watch they will probably remake all of them too, so it does make sense ¬_¬

Knowing my luck though, I'll end up buying the game and still wanting to do the new costume.

Recieved jewel today and it's so pretty :3, might wait till Friday to send the stuff off exictedddd

Found the perfect pair of gloves, with one strap and buckle added already :D

So to make sure there the same, I'm going to buy two pairs so I can cut then sew onto the other pair... £20 but its worth it, to get it perfecto!

I don't know when I will buying these because I owe my bf money for FFIX figures ahah, so probably 3 weeks time?

Bought the Garnet figure from the new FF Play Arts line, that just came out as a refrence ;D

Nahh I collect them ahah, if you look on my Mei Ling photos you'll be able to see all my pretties. But this means I don't have as much money for jumpsuit to get altered... ahaha


Photos didn't happen as the ice skating rink looked a bit dirty and since I wasn't confident enough ice skating I was scared in case I fell it would get dirty.


Christmas eve and I've treat myself ;D

Bought the jewel, bought the biggest one you can as most people get one size lower. I've seen other people who've made the falcon claw with the biggest jewel and it looks so pretty :3 Dementedkid also said she would gladly help me make the rest, as I suck at it! So I'm dead exicted, just wait till after xmas :3

I'm going to alter the size of it while the wig and necklace gets done, maybe shoes too.

I am planning to get this sorted after Christmas, I have emailed the commissioner who is sorting out my Aeris bangles/ribbon and they gave me a good price for the wig styled. So saving up for that! Also found perfect jewel/crystal on ebay, she also kindly said she'd make the rest of the necklace :3 So that will be happening.

While thats getting made I will go get my jumpsuit sorted out along with aeris things at the alteration shop. I know theres still alot of work to be done, but I want it to look perfect. Finding it hard to find the white buckle parts for the pants part T__T So can anyone help or give ideas?

I'm going to Cambridge next Friday and on the Saturday ice skating, so I've decided to wear this baby and my bf is going to use is amazing camera to take some decent photos ^____^

Well I might be able to go to an expo :D So I need two costumes for it, this will be one of them the other Garnet! ^___^

I have found the perfect pair of ugg style boots, with a strap already on, going across the front. BUT they've sold out online, so my bf who lives in Cambridge, nicely said he'd check the shop out next time he was by, because it's HUGE there.

So hopefully I will have them soon, also I have decided I want a wig, because my hair is growing *finally* but won't ever be perfect/long enough so wig will do. Found some cheapish ones, already pre-styled online so thats what I shall do :3!!

Also when I go and get my Garnet costume sorted, I'm going to ask them to fix the dress up, it's still baggy and the dark pink seems to be fraying a bit :3 so even more joy after Christmas <3

Also person I got the bangles comissioned from, are coming along ^_^ she is also making me a better bow so can't wait for them :3!

Got some photos but editing the eye colour :D!

Not happy with the boots and the wig, didn't have enough time to style it and tbh I think the wigs just crap, if anyone knows where to get better wigs from on ebay please do tell ^_^

I know I haven't been spending money on cosplaying much at the moment, my boyfriend went to uni in Cambridge which is like 500 miles or something away so I've been saving up to see him in my holidays which is two weeks time.

I got some spare money to gather some "basics" for this costume, so it might look a little decent for Halloween (I come back from Cambridge on the day of Halloween need to get dressed then go out...).

I bought some of the vampire teeth like scarecrow fangs, they basically have little putty stuff and you glue the teeth onto yours so you can speak better and they look more natural. I got the cheap version though cause I thought £15 was a bit much... I also bought this bun doughnut shaper thing so that might look better for the bun on the side of wig *fingers crossed*.

Bought orange fabric today, its not 100% the same but I don't think its that much difference. I'm hoping when I get it altered you won't be able to tell lol ^_^

And there so prettyful, I really don't want to cut the straps off T___T

But it is for my Garnet, also been playing Dissdia! Zidane sorta mentions Garnet <33


Finally bought the boots which are with the photos ^___^

Fabric maybe this week, if my Grandpops want to be nice and take me there ;p

YEY I'm getting exicted lol

I've noticed the wig is way to bright and found a longer and a nicer colour :3

So I'm gonna buy that when I start up school again ^^

Im currently bidding on a black sleeved shirt off ebay what runs out today so hopefully it will be mine.

Since Im actually going to wear this for somewhere, Ive decided to try and alter it to look the same as Maria.

That means work on the wig X_X since its quite thin I'm going to buy the weafs or w.e you call them ahah and Im going to try and make it looks thicker and better when you flip it over to the side rofl!

Also better contacts, Ive actually looked into it this time and found contacts that work like real contacts and should change the colour of my eyes and there only £15 bargain :3


I asked the person off ebay if they could do anything about it because I wasn't happy at all.

They sent me a new one and its perfect! ^^

Costume finally arrived and I'm really not happy with it. The seller didn't take the buttons off down the front, like I asked them too. The buttons on the sleeves and sides are silver anchor buttons... Nothing like roses!!

Also, the pattern of the black bias tape isn't completey on also! Annoyed!

The general size is good, but yeah annoyed ahah!

Bought a costume from e-bay, the only problem I had with the look of it they had addded buttons to the blazer, when I'm sure most people use velcro so you can't see them. I sent them an email asking for them not to add the buttons, if they do or not is another matter but now I'm just sick I just want the costume! ahah. I'm not sure if the arm band comes, hopefully not because I don't need it XD!

Found the perfect wig I do have enough money for it. But I'm sick of buying wigs without actually recieving costumes, so I will buy this when I get my hands on my costume.

I know the fringe is slightly to the side on this photo, rather than my icon photo but Bleach fans will know throughout the series Orihime's fringe changes to the side. So I am going for the side fringe, as I can use her wig for other Orihime costumes.

Had jacket sleeves made tighter, as they looked really crap baggy, jacket shortened and new buttons! I feel alot happier with the look now, just need to take some picture soon ;D

Yeah seen the month, a hundred years later.... and my costume still hasn't arrived. Went completey mad on the seller and they finally gave me my money back, so now I'm looking for a "cheap" in price costume, what is in my price range and looks good. Probably go through ebay this time, it's easier to get your money back that way >

My costume is now lost in the post... So I have no costume but the seller I bought it off is making me another one :D So maybe soon!

Wig arrived today, I added pictures! Still waiting on costume and I now need the wig styled too, it's coming together slowly.

Bought wig and gonna buy contacts now with ema :P now just waiting for everything to arrive, might buy fangs just depends lol

EMA didn't go in my bank account so will have to wait until money goes in until I can buy the wig and contacts ¬_¬ God dayum

My Cross academy necklace arrived off e-bay yey I wear it at school I love it that much ahaha XD

So I'm now just waiting for the necklace and the costume to arrive. Will buy contacts and wig on friday with ema!

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