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I was introduced to cosplay when I was invited by my good friend Luke (Altair) to the London Expo in May 2010. Having started by buying costumes and editing small bits as I went along the confidence is growing and I'm being more ambitious with what I take on now. I love everything about cosplay, from the planning all the way through to completion and wearing the costume at a con.

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It's finished! I'm very pleased with how it's looing and I can't wait to wear it at Alcon and the October Expo! Pics soon...

Altering the main part of the costume has begun, and it's been stressful to say the least. The neck has been lowered. Just got to take it in at the sides and sleeves.

Shirt is dyed and looking a lot better. I've now got the metal link for the headband and I'm about to make the headband straps

My wig has arrived now and I've got the fabric dye for the shirt, which I'll be doing in a little while. I just need that small metal link on his headband strap and then it will be complete!

Resizing has begun. The white underskirt now fits properly. It's just the main costume part now, that's the big one. Don't want to mess that up, I made a few mistakes doing the skirt but luckily I was able to recover. Don't know if I'll be so lucky with the main part of the costume.

costume is almost finished now. Just need to make the headband straps and dye the shirt as it's white at the moment.

Ordered a new Black Order badge as the first one I got was too small. Costume resizing will begin soon as well.

I have a sewing machine and I've started to look at how I'll alter the costume. This costume will be ready for Alcon! It will!

Finally got started on this at last. Got the shorts and I've started on the shirt. I'll be ordering the wig and contact lenses next week hopefully.

Once i get hold of my own sewing machine this costume will be altered and then pics will be put up. Just need some money! Grrr! Tis the only thing holding me up right now.

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