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Ih ave finally finished my Nightcwaler costume just in time for expo im so excited im rpitty happy with how it look overall. I cant wait to where tomoz

just did a face paint test to see how well then blue would come out it seam to work pretty well after fount out a brush gave me better coverage than a sponge. the ear seam to take the face paint well so one less thing to worry about just need to buy some fixing spray.

still need to style the wig some more not really happy with it.
but it getting there couple more hour and i think it look a lot better.

just finished the boot covers for my digi stilts i had such trouble working out a patten for they dam thing but im reasonably happy with how they look. i will post a picture up of them once i get around to taking one.

ive started work on the foam cover for the legs, its taken a lot more foam than i exspected so im a little behind Meh. Got one finshed tho so just need to get my hand on some more foam to finish the secand one ^_^

digitigrade stilts are about 95% complet only need to add the straps and padding will start on the foam work for the legs and feet soon.

working on digitigrade stilts atmo got one total finshed working on the secend one now got to test them out see how they feal and easy or not so easy to walk in XD lol

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