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I will be having my hand covering in blood and bandages :3

I've got the proper glasses coming, but for now I decided I'm going to use my real hair!

I got the mask commissioned and got a leather jacket; already have boots and trousers to use! Will start looking on props soon

I finished painting the shirt,still unsure if I'm using this wig or not!

Painted a hoodie instead,since the weather at Expo won't be suitable for a T-shirt.Waiting for it to dry now.

They are not as blue as I wanted,but I hoped for a more natural instead of stand out blue

I got everything apart the wig which I'm still waiting to receive

The commissioner finished the suit today,I'm so excited now!

There was a power cut so I decided to style a bit this wig for Charles and do a test
Will get blue contacts soon

From a commissioner that did my Leonardo cosplay.Will cost around 300 dollars

I know that it looks BAD D:
The base boot proved a bitch,thought of putting duct tape before the fabric after I did this.
Will try it for the second boot

I have this old pair that could work

I just finished painting the black part red

Found better goggles and ordered them,just need to paint them red

I'm wearing Leo again for May,and since I got my hair cut for Conrad I bought a wig.Needs major cutting

I'm wearing Shinra again for the Friday of the Expo :3
The wig is cut and styled a bit again!

I got a red tie some weeks ago,my fangs are on their way and should get a hairspray :)

I had a haircut yesterday,and I thought I should use my own hair and just use a hairspray to make it black :)

Got my waistcoat the other day,and shirt today

I'm all set for next Saturday,just the headpiece is at my friend's and I'm picking it up on the day!

So I only need a bat right now,and my headpiece is done by a friend of mine

I thought I should upload some pics since the costume is almost done

So for the start,I just got my shirt and dog tags!

The cosplay is done,wearing it tomorrow and on Saturday!

Everything I need is here,and almost a week to go til the Expo I'm waiting for my hat to arrive!

The costume got here safely,and so does a small purse I ordered.What's left : beret and boots that are ordered.I got some tights today and need to find a(two) belt(s)

This is bought by my boyfriend <3 I thought of people signing or drawing in it :)

I tried some brown eyeshadow and mascara to make a beard :D This try is much better compared to my first one >.< Well I will practise more and more,I prefer makeup that to glue hair

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