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Wearing this at the Grand Cosplay Ball was a lot of fun, so I think I may wear it again to the upcoming Amecon ball. I may add some leaves to the apple to complete the effect, will have to look into how best to make them.

Annoyingly the wig only showed up yesterday, two days before Kitacon, so there is no way I can get the cosplay done in time now :( So I'm going to do it for Minami instead :)

I ordered the wig from eBay today. Hopefully it will show up in time for Kita! It will take some styling when it turns up, something I've not doen before o_O I might have to buy a cheapy one to practice on. If the wig doesn't show up in time, then I'll do this for Minami instead.

The only bit of the outfit I have so far is the shades. I'll be going shopping at some point to seek out the clothing.

I have the suit & shirt ready. I also have the apple, thanks to Kiichan!

Now I just have to get a bowler hat and tie. Most o fth ehats I've seen so far have been pretty pricey, so going to look at some fancy dress shops and cheaper shops shortly.

I am still wondering whether to strap a frame on back, along with a background. It would look good, but could be very unweildy at the Cosplay Ball? I'll think about that.

I've not seen anyone cosplay as Mr. 3 before, so thought it would be an interesting one to try.

I got some ideas on putting the costume together, will be starting on it after the Grand International Cosplay Ball.

I've decided I'm actually going to do this cosplay at the next Bristol Cosplay Night (4th July) and not let this be another 'planned' cosplay which never comes to life.

Annoyingly, Cool Spot has white arms & legs but black in others. Since he has black arms & legs in the game, thats what I'm going for. I've got that covered with a long-sleeved t-shirt & track bottoms. So gloves, boots and the actual 'face' are next.

I'm going to get a large amoutn of cardboard and start on this soon. Not certain whether to use paint or marker for the card though, may try both and see how it goes.

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