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I've been very busy! Scallops on main coat are done (still need to add the white ones). Sewed the coat lining. Currently working on the trouser legs.

Lined double puff sleeves are done. Not making the white sleeve cuff yet. Next step is to decide on the shape of the scallops and their size.

I've made the decision to move this costume to Oct 2015 MCM Expo in London as I do not have enough time to finish it for May as planned.

I'm now working on this properly and trying to do a bit each week. I haven't lined a puff sleeve before so gota get that done first. My first test puff looks good :)

Currently fixing my coat darts. I really want to complete this by May 2015. After darts is the double puff sleeves.

The coat is giving me grief and I should really make a paper pattern for the arm..or hat..or something 0_o" #lazy

I've probably bought way too much fabric but it's best in case I have any accidents XD I'm editing a nightgown pattern to get the coat shape and will need to make practice sleeves. I'm vaguely looking into craft materials for the gold arm at this stage.

Decided against snap fasteners as the process of measuring where to place them wasn't fun. Instead I'll sew the collar to the dress at the shoulders, so I should still be able to be zipped up fine ^^

Still working on my collar. Gona add snap fasteners to secure it to my dress (will be hidden underneath).

Make a practice collar, not interfaced. Here's a photo of my pattern. Collar with real fabric next! ^^

Fixing my back sizing was surprisingly fast. I still used my practice zip to be sure, then replaced it with my proper zip. I'm currently working on my collar paper pattern, got the front done. I've been fiddling with interfacing too.

Skirt all sewn to bodice with folds. But somehow, the middle of my bodice back is way too big. Only the middle. OTL *sigh* Means more re-sizing my back just like my Sakura Epilogue dress. I'm going to use a spare white invisible zip while I re-size it. I know from experience if I repeatedly sew an invisible zip into a bodice as I re-size it several times, it will wear away the zip and it won't be as strong. So the white one will be used until my back is sized correctly and then I'll insert my navy invisible zip.

Also attempting to draft collar at the same time. I'll be making a draft collar with practice fabric as can't rick messing up my main taffeta fabric with the first draft.

Sewed the skirt panels together today. Just need to connect the front and back panels. Then, I'll need to pin the bodice into that "V" shape and fiddle with my skirt to have folds like in the ref ^^

Finally finished both sleeves today. Monday starting skirt part of dress. Work is really eating into my cosplay time XD As expected.

Finally starting real sleeves after making my practice one. This needs to be sewn properly (pinned at the sleeve seam right now) and ironed neatly.

I'm making a practice sleeve/wrist area before using my real fabric. I want to be 100% happy with the "diamond" shape before moving onto real fabric ^^

Wow this is my first cosplay to go over the £100 mark *_*" And quite a bit has gone to wig and ears XD Its worth it for accuracy though :) Lined my bodice today. Its longer than necessary so I can cut it to the V shape like in the ref.

Bought more fabric/stuff needed. Will cut out fabric and start on the bodice soon. Decided to not use boning in bodice (though might use some on the shoulder thingy to keep it upright). Lining the bodice is gona be boring >_<

Wow this has been sitting here a while!! I'm not ready to begin this cosplay as I'm juust finishing off my Sakura (TRC) Epilogue cosplay. I'll need to make a draft bodice as I've never worked with boning before :s

I have to cut out over 100 gold cardboard coins as each coin is made up of 2 pieces glued together.
I am sick of seeing circles. That is all. XD

Progress pic of dress and cape. I've started sewing the bias binding. It won't look as big/messy when it's sewn on the wrong side of my cape lol! This was a test fit to see where my jewel is going to attach to my cape. On next test fit I'll fir the cape higher up.

I made a practice sleeve and it was good to edit and use it to adjust the best look for my final sleeves. I've now sewn one sleeve and will start on the second soon. I'm glad it's so flowy!! ^^

I've edited my back so that it fits nicely now and the invisible zip has been inserted. I'm currently making a sleeve pattern and will make a practice sleeve since they're different from usual ones.

I've sewn the 2 patterns to the bodice and added an invisible zip. The patterns dont line up perfectly on the back, plus there's some extra room in the back. So I'm going to edit it, remove the zip, make the back more fitted and try to match up the patterns more. Then I'll add the zip again.

This is what the (top) bodice pattern looked like as I was pressing the hem using bondaweb. It took ages XD Its complete now. So just the lower pattern to hem/bondaweb and then I can pin both of them and adjust their positions before handsewing them to the bodice. :D I'm really pleased with how neat it's turned out ^^

The past few days I've been checking my supplies, bought a headband and have been planning the bodice patterns. The headband had an accessory super-glued to it, so it met my coping saw and has been removed XD

I've made paper patterns for the bodice patterns and cut my fabric out. I've attempted to iron press the hem allowances. They are SO tiny, I'm worried about how I'm going to hem and sew them onto my bodice. Oh well! Must be a way somehow :P Even if we weren't going in the masquerade, I'd still be perfectionist on everything XD

Bought some materials recently, snap fasteners, materials to make my necklace. Will start on the paper pattern for the bodice next week or so. Might have to hand sew the stupid pattern on because of how small the sqaures are (Damn you CLAMPPP!). XD Will then add the zip and finally have a complete dress. (Then sleeves etc)

I lined the cape about a week ago. I've now worked out the sizes for my patterns on the bodice and their positions. Sadly I can't sew the dress together/add the zip until these patterns are neatly added to the bodice (means I have to keep getting pinned into the outfit for test fits XD). The next step whenever I'm free, is to make accurately sized paper patterns for both patterns. Slowly slowly ;D

Cape pattern now sewn own. Just need to line it. Will be adding the gold bias binding and jewel in a few more weeks since I haven't found the perfect paint for the jewel yet.

I've bought most of my fabric now including lining for the cape. I'm currently making the dress and making paper patterns for the bodice pattern. I did want to gather the skirt part but due to skirt pattern issues thats not possible XD So waist seam it is then! :)

After making a practice cape, I've cut my pink fabric. Had a few issues with fabric size but hopefully it should be fine on the final version (lined etc). I've ordered my fabric for the pink pattern on the cape. I'm currently finishing off the bodice. :)

I've decided to do a detailed journal for this outfit. I'll try my best to note down how long I've worked on it each time, not including cutting fabric (which seems to take me hours as I'm so paranoid) XD I've found some spare pink fabric that will be perfect for the main body of the cape :)

I'm gona do some early planning, a few rough sketches & a pattern check. I think I can use patterns I've already bought. Probably won't start making this until end of this year/beginning of 2013 ^^ Just adore this dress!!

I've sewn the main body of the black underskirt, using my red pleated skirt as a makeshift pattern. Just gotta add the ruffle layer at the hem! :)

I've now sewn most of the shirt. Just gotta hand-sew the evil zip and then the bias binding :) This is also my first time sewing sleeves. I think they came out good! ^^ I've really enjoyed making this outfit. I feel like I've learned a lot about sizing clothes properly :D

Annoyingly the pattern for the shirt is too long when I add the waist Saya has. So I'm trying to shorten the pattern (and also the darts along it). I haven't sewed darts before now but I think the re-sized pattern fits ok. ^^" Just glad I'm using practice fabric! :)

I've decided to write journal entries for this cosplay ^^ I practiced the pleats first before using my nice red fabric. I've now finished the front of the skirt :)

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