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I always liked costumes but last year when I figured out that George RR Martin was coming to town I had to go for the big thing. And once you try you are hooked with these.
I guess I didn´t start first because I not really into manga and anime.
My sons like it too so this is a family thing, we have a lot of fun and met a lot of new interesting people so far.
I didn´t know how to sew but I´m learning fast.

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clothes in progress. I made a belly because he is too skinny for the character

I used leather gloves insideout that I found very cheap, I added the "nails" with worbla. I had a small simple sheet that I won in a contest and was perfect for this.

wip buckles, sugar botons and the latex prosthetic I made with jumping clay and latex milk.

hat. I bought the base and add the fur and the eva foam top.

I´m working on the buckles, eva foam and Wood glue. I still have to sand it and paint

I finally made a bunch of candy bottons with the right colors

this costume is for february so I have a lot of time for experimenting new materials and pay atention to detail. I was searching for information about resins for making gems that I need for the shirt bottons. But everything was so confusing and quite expensive. Sooo I found a recipe to make gems with hard CANDY. I feel much confortable in the kitchen than in the workshop so I try to find molds but the shipping cost were too much. Then I decided to try different materials to make my own molds. I tried clay, pastecine and jumping clay. The problems is that the sugar is very hot when you pour it on the mold, about 260 degrees. The clay didn´t work at all because there was no way to take the Candy out of the mold even thou a put a lot of oil. the jumping clay seemed to work but when I took the Candy out there were bubbles inside and the surface was to rough for a gem, it would be fine for a precious Stone before it´s shaped but not for a gem. But the plasticine worked just perfect, it has to be thick thou. So I got the "ruby" bottons just with sugar, cream of tartar, water, food coloring and plasticide, all of them materials that I already had at home. Then I paint them with several layers of trasparent nail polish to prevent them to became sticky or disolved ( I tested soaking them overnight to make sure). Easy and very very cheap.

Today is the event, I didn´t finish with the collar so I will work on it later on but the event is today so it has to be.

I´ve finished the dress, still a lot to go with the embroidery and didn´t start with the wig yet.

I start with the embroidery today, found this page
from the artist. I have never done anything similar so let´s see what happend. Al least is a good inspiration, cross my fingers.

I started with the dress. this is my first cosplay that I use a pattern for. I made lots of mistakes but I guess its turning out fine after all. It´s too big so I have to adjust it a bit, at least it´s not too small.

The wig arrived today, it looks great, maybe a Little shorter of what I thought but looking good. It has a copper shade like in the books, in the movie is darker but I thought it was kind of damb to order a wig with my hair color. I guess I would take pictures with wig and without it. Book and movie version.

I found the fabric in a local store. Nice price because it´s for furniture, very wide, so I´ll only need half of what I thought.
Now I have to save a little.

these are the materials I used to make the beard

I couldn´t use any of my belts because the were too small to wear around the hip. I borrow one of my husband´s and widen it with the same fabric of the coat and some leatherette. I used jumping-clay to make a bigger buckle.

I use "strudel" dough to do my prosthetics. And with the left overs I made dessets. No kidding, it works perfect, it is cheap and stays on the whole day. The only problems is that isn´t reusable. I cover it with the same make up than the rest of the face.

I had to try with the facial hair first and see how it worked out. I got grey and white crepe wool, and tried. It worked fine. I bought a wig because I thought that it would be very expensive to do everything with the crepe wool and the only one I liked came with a beard. So I customized it, adding the wool on the top and the braids. The hair of the wig kept coming towards the face so I decide to fix it back and add some crepe wool covering the limits. I use latex to keep the crepe wool on its place. I did the same thing with the eyebrown.

getting started. I don´t have the red fabric still so I start with the black one. That was a mistake, lining it afterwards was much more difficult.

the itachi shoes were too much, so we bought the regular naruto ones and make the pattern for the white stuff

I did this costume for my niece as a christmas present. It was harder what I thought because I couldn´t try it on her because of the suprise. I did everything handmade except for the wings.

we bought the basket and added some letherette straps. it was too wide and short but we couldnt find nothing better

I started this costume before I watched the 2nd season so I planned a middle age servant look, a tunic, a hood a simple pants. I used fabric that we had at home and jedi pants ( I know that´s not middle age)

I used the spare ones from the Jon snow costume, sewing them together and adding a buckle from an old belt.

I borrowed the fur from a relative and sewed it to the cape.

I made a shirt using an old linnen curtain following a middle age pattern.

we tried to make an obsidian knive and arrowheads with some themoglue but it turned out terrible so we didn´t use them

we model the pommel with clay, and some "garnets" for the eyes, (two beads). then we paint it.we glued letherette for the grip.we used foam for the guard. I´m not totally happy with it but it´s good enough, I will try to improve it .

I bough a simple cheap plastic sword and tried to model as longclaw. it end up terrible, so we did a second try using only cardboard.

we bought some cheap riding boots and glued the hairy piece but it fell off as soon as he started walking so I had to sew it to them

I used an old leather jacket cutting of the sleeves, that I used for Bran´s costume,and add a padded piece as a skirt

I got my hair dyed, in the tv show it´s darker but in the book it´s supposed to be auburn. I braided the front part,

I bought the fabric and get the pattern from an old summer dress

I bought the fabric and use a pattern for a middle age cape with hood. Then I sewed the hairy piece

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